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Old 14th March 2011   #1
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The disaster in Japan and the meaning of the X100

When I first read that the camera was manufactured at a plant is Sendai, my reaction was "oh, no, will I get a camera this month?". Of course I quickly felt remorse for such selfishness.

As I consider further, I have had other thoughts about what the X100 means in light of the disaster. Perhaps the skilled men and women who make these cameras are among the victims; I pray for the survival of all the residents of Sendai (and Japan) but know that vast numbers have died. The manufacturing buildings and all the specialized equipment may be destroyed as well. Think about that. It would be as if the X100 itself was destroyed in the tsunami. If I were "lucky enough" to have an X100 in my hand, it would be a disquieting sensation I think. Will Fuji ever resume making this camera? Perhaps as the country and the company recover, Fuji will not resume production of this model.

Should this be so, the few X100's that have been shipped until now are, in their own way, a memorial to this terrible tragedy.

I have for weeks been reading all the reviews and comments about this camera. Suddenly it seems almost callous to be talking about the camera as if it has nothing to do with events in Japan.

I intend no criticism or judgement of anyone who has been posting. This is only a personal rumination.
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Old 14th March 2011   #2
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Re: Personal Rumination

Originally Posted by tom in mpls View Post
This is only a personal rumination.
I'm with you. All we can do with our "ruminations" is wish the people of Japan the strength to get over this nightmare.

Mike Johnston's train of thought is exactly like yours:

"Note: In no way is this brief report intended to minimize, mitigate, or delimit our concern for all the people of Japan or for any of the victims of the earthquake and tsunami or the nuclear powerplant crisis there. This is a photography-related website, and we discuss many things as they relate to photography. I hope it goes without saying that that does not mean that's the only thing we care about. —Ed."

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Old 14th March 2011   #3
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Re: The disaster in Japan and the meaning of the X100

I wish I had waited another hour:

PRESS RELEASE: Press statement following recent earthquake and tsunami in Northern Japan

14 March 2011 -- Following the recent earthquake and tsunami in Northern Japan Fujifilm can confirm that its Taiwa-Cho factory, 20 miles from Sendai city, has been affected.

Fortunately, none of the workers at the Taiwa-Cho factory are reported injured but inevitably some damage has occurred to the factory building, causing a temporary halt in production for the FinePix X100. To this end, Fujifilm is expecting a delay to market for the X100.

Fujifilm is currently considering all possible options to minimise the delay and the disappointment for the many consumers who have given the X100 such an incredible reception.

The rest of Fujifilm's range has been unaffected, due to manufacturing being based outside the region.

I'm sure you will also want to join us in extending our thoughts and condolences to everyone affected by these terrible events in Japan.

I still think this camera will have a certain poignancy associated with it.
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Old 14th March 2011   #4
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Re: The disaster in Japan and the meaning of the X100

Tom, regardless of the latest news release, your thoughts probably reflect those of many of us but perhaps more in general regarding our hoped for new camera models and the real life people who are responsible for their manufacture or distribution, whatever they do in connection with the cameras. I can't imagine that a large part of the Japanese populace isn't affected in some way by this horrific catastrophe. I admit every time I have picked up one of my cameras this weekend, all Japanese designed, I thought of the peoples' faces I've seen or even worse, the ones we'll never see.

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Old 14th March 2011   #5
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Re: The disaster in Japan and the meaning of the X100

Any camera is insignificant in the face of such an awful thing . . . and it's nice to hear the good news in that none of the workers has been injured.

Just this guy you know
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Old 16th March 2011   #6
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Re: The disaster in Japan and the meaning of the X100

Their economy has been seriously hurt and they will need all of the business they can get to help rebuild and more importantly pay for food and other necessities. Thus, to the extent we can, in addition to providing financial aid, we should give them business that will help them rebuild and sustain into the future.

Look at it as if it were you. Which would you prefer, waiting for relief aid and having people feeling sorry for you or having people buy the goods you have in inventory or can still produce so you can take care of yourself?
V/r John
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Old 23rd March 2011   #7
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Re: The disaster in Japan and the meaning of the X100

I've been getting along quite nicely without the X100 for the last 40 years. I really want my X100 but will happily wait until some sort of normal life returns to that area.

I saw a video of grieved parents searching for their kids in the ruin of a school. Somehow photography and the various toys associated with it now seem irrelevant.
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