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    Hasselblad H battery rebuild and a fraction of the cost

    Yup, any NPF battery 'sled' will work. The metal Smallrig one is great. One caution: Many sleds have multiple power points for 7.4V, say 12v and sometimes 5V. They usually have different size connectors, but just ensure any port with > 7.4V port can ever be accidentally used. Any 5V port can...
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    FS (Canada) 2 Hasselblad XCD Batteries US$100

    bump and tweak
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    FS: Godox AD300Pro $350

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    Fuji GFX 100 II focus speed

    The short answer: 'No'. I work with animals quite a bit with (at one time)* Hassy H and X and GFX. The later versions of all MF cameras focus faster than their predecessors, but for capturing moving animals, no. Even rapid head movements of a stationary animal (to keep eyes in focus) would be...
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    SOLD: (Can/US) Hasselblad HC 80mm F2.8 Lens $475

    bump - and a steal for a great lens
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    FS: Hive Lighting / Profoto Light Mounts (2)

    For sale are two Hive Lighting light yokes used to mount Hive (or Profoto) heads to a light stand, etc. Since Hive lights use(d) Profoto modifiers, the yokes work nicely with...
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    FS (Canada) 2 Hasselblad XCD Batteries US$100

    2 Hasselblad XC Batteries, LN (Canada Only) One 3400 mAh and one 3200 mAh. Both like new with little use. Come with caps. Selling as a set due to shipping costs. Due to limitations shipping LiO batteries to the US, sale is limited to Canada.. US$100 payable in CDN equivalent.+ flat rate...
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    SOLD: (Can/US) Hasselblad HC 80mm F2.8 Lens $475

    Hasselblad HC 80mm F2.8 Lens Fantastic shape with clean glass and our fave HC lens due to it's small size, sharpness and rendering. We sold our HC 100 as the 80 was so much sharper WO and lacked the horrible LoCA of the 100mm. The lens also makes a very, very nice 55mm F2.2 equivalent using the...
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    FS: Hood for Hasselblad HC 210mm & HC 150mm Lens

    Not quite sure how I have a spare one, but it's in great shape with zero issues. Ship from Nova Scotia Canada. Price is US$50 + $20 flat shipping by Canada Post in NA. Offshore based on actual cost. Payment by EMT (in Canada) or PP.
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    FS: Godox AD300Pro $350

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    SOLD (Can/US) Arca Swiss Universal L Bracket

    Fantastic bracket, no issues. Comes with hex key. Price is US$170 shipped in NA by Canada Post. Offshore at actual. Payment by PP or EMT (in Canada)
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    SOLD Hasselblad Tripod Mount Ring (75mm)

    Now discontinued for some silly reason, but fits any of the X series H lens adapters (XH or 0.8XH), or I would assume anything else 75mm in outer diameter. very clean, no issues. No box. Price is US$150 w/payment by PP (add 3.5%) or EFT (in Canada). Shipping at cost based on online estimate...
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    SOLD: Hasselblad XCD 45/3.5 US$790

    Price and up