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  1. buildbot

    Hasselblad XV Lens Adapter Questions

    I think a lot of people don’t use the cameras that much. When I first got this camera, Hans asked me if I was a professional photographer, collector, or amateur. I told him I was partially a collector but did intend to shoot with the camera, he didn’t really respond to that… The endeavor is...
  2. buildbot

    Hasselblad XV Lens Adapter Questions

    I'm no longer interested at all in the Rollei/Hy6 system. DW Photo defrauded me, claiming that a camera I sent in for repair worked fine, sending back the unfixed camera (conveniently now past the warranty date). I sent it to Key camera, who broke my 6060 back, and didn't fix my Hy6, after...
  3. buildbot

    Hasselblad 24mm (or 25mm) f2.5V and 135mm f2.5V

    This is really interesting, thanks for educating us!
  4. buildbot

    Fungus in my sensor

    Yep! It's a bit of pain to always have filters, but worth it IMO.
  5. buildbot

    Fungus in my sensor

    Yay, glad they can help! Half the cost of Phase One (~?), not bad! The shipping you could save on if you get your own insurance, their price for that is a bit high haha. Could convert it to full spectrum too!
  6. buildbot

    WTB: Digital Back in AFI/HY6 Mount

    Excellent, thank you. Hopefully I can get my camera back from Key Camera to try this person, they seem very competent (swapping in new chips is not easy!).
  7. buildbot

    WTB: Digital Back in AFI/HY6 Mount

    Extreme emphasis on this. I tried to call key camera today, line was busy. Sent them an email. Are they still in business even? I miss my Hy6 and 6060 back... The Leaf AFi/Hy6 system was the first medium format system I got into, but sadly the current ownership really sucks. Perhaps there are...
  8. buildbot

    WTB: Digital Back in AFI/HY6 Mount

    Maybe, I had/have a hybrid Mod 2/1 that works with all backs. Typical Mod2s don't work with Sinar due to licensing is what I heard? You can clean up the stickiness via baking powder, it will polish off the rubber coating and leave the underlying plastic looking great.
  9. buildbot

    Fungus in my sensor

    It looks like the IR filter to me, not the sensor. I don't really know why bayer filters & monochrome conversion where brought into this. Fungus on the IR filter is not uncommon and looks exactly like this, and yeah it can etch the glass so cleaning does not help. You lose the IR cutoff, and...
  10. buildbot

    Fungus in my sensor

    No, they are pretty unrelated things from what I understand. These people do that conversion: IDK if they'd do a digital back.
  11. buildbot

    Fungus in my sensor

    On a sensor, yeah I would be surprised to see fungus. I suppose it’s possible though? I know corrosion was a thing with Leica CCDs, I thought that was also cover glass related just that it’s fused to the sensor? I could be wrong!
  12. buildbot

    Fungus in my sensor

    Haha I understand that. I keep everything in humidity cabinets because I lost my 120mm MF macro to fungus :/
  13. buildbot

    Fungus in my sensor

    I think the issue is with the IR filter in front of the CCD, not the CCD itself having residual fungus. And yeah, basically, from what I've seen they literally scrape the microlenses/bayer filter off. Silicon being harder to scratch, the underlying sensor is supposed to be "fine".
  14. buildbot

    Fungus in my sensor

    You can try reaching out to kolari vision - - they were able to help me a few times get new cover glass swapped onto a digital back. I wouldn't use it if Phase One will service it and you can afford the 1K price from them, but kolari is perfect for older, less valuable...
  15. buildbot

    Lens cap query makers and suppliers wanted

    Yes! You can get them directly from CI -
  16. buildbot

    ALPA FPS question?

    I'd be happy to pay like 2k for one wow.
  17. buildbot

    A macro lens for the view camera

    Isn't the Nikon 120 AM-ED supposed to be quite good?
  18. buildbot

    Remounting lens in Copal

    That’s pretty clever in my opinion!
  19. buildbot

    The XCD 90V isn't just Hasselblad's finest lens – it could be the finest lens we've ever tested

    A possible non-evil reason is they are really exacting about QC on this new lens thus slow to make?
  20. buildbot

    Medium Format Pets

    Aww, Joe and Jesse have such great expressions :love: I like the black & white conversion too, it has sort of an ethereal look about it to me!