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    Positive Feedback

    Positive feedback for @peterm1. I purchased a Cambo reducer for their compendium. It arrived quickly and safe and sound as it was packed well. Pleasure to do business with them.
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    New Member cannot send PM?

    And now, I have the much sought after "Start conversation" button. I don't know if an admin flipped a switch, or if it was a time based delay. But I haven't made any new posts between the last time I checked and lacked the button, and just now when I checked and I have it. It has been 14...
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    New Member cannot send PM?

    I will tag on as an affected new member. I never received the registration email, and contacted a site admin from the “contact us” web form at the bottom of the page. they were able to activate my account, but I still lack privliges to initiate a direct message. I am Aware that some forum...
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    Positive Feedback

    Positive feedback for @akaru. I purchased his GFX100 (full spectrum conversion). He was quick to answer my questions, was polite, and shipped quickly. Pleasure doing business with them.
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    FS: Cambo AC-329 Reducer Ring to 60mm Diameter For 70HR

    Hi Peter, I'll take it. Please PM me to exchange payment info because I still don't have whatever it takes to get the ability to initiate a PM here. -MSB
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    FS - Cambo Actus ACB P645 (Pentax 645 Lens Plate), AC-784 (Nikon Z Bayonet), and Rodagon-WA 60mm lens

    Hello Diggles, I hope you are well, Apologies as I am newish here and cannot initiate a DM on here yet. I would like to purchase three of your items: AC-795, ACB-0, and ACB-39. (edit: If you could please DM me so we can exchange Paypal information.) Thank you, MSB
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    Expanding my horizons

    The transition is going faster than intended.. I now have a GFX in route to me thanks to this forum. Now on to adapters for the few lenses I currently have with a large enough image circle.
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    FS: Leica PC Super-Angulon 28mm f2.8

    Hello Marduk, I hope you're doing wonderfully! If this lens is still available, I would like to purchase it. (Sorry, I am kind of new here and don't have the ability to initiate direct messages yet. Could you please DM me so I can get payment details or give you my PayPal email for an...
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    Fuji GFX-100 “IR” Full Spectrum Converted Camera

    Hello Akaru, I am interested, but have a few questions. I'm new to the forum and it seems that I haven't yet attained the ability to initiate a PM,.. so if you could please PM me at your convenience, I'd appreciate it.
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    Expanding my horizons

    Greetings everyone, I first got into photography around 2004, took a long break for a variety of reasons, and dove back into it heavily in 2021. Currently using Canon R mount, but planning a transition to Fuji GFX at some point. -MSB