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    NIKKOR PC-E Micro 85 mm 1:2,8D, Tilt-Shift

    Hello I owned this lens (the older PC version) 20 years and more ago and was very happy with it, but I used it with 12 MP. Can the lens keep up with modern sensors, Z7 + Z8 and Fuji GFX 100? Has somebody experience? Thanks,
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    Capture One Styles

    Same here. I bought them on sale, years ago, looked through them and realized that I don't need this way of working. I have also not copied them to my new computer. If you don't have a plan, they may be able to help.
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    Phase one body and back suggestion for products/portraits

    Hello Maxim That's a lot of unanswered questions. I think the camera system is completely overrated these days. The important thing is whether you know your system and how to use it. After visiting your website, I'm sure you can. For me, the backlighting behavior of a lens is one of the most...
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    stiff Cambo sliding back

    Take everything apart and then clean it thoroughly. Oil should not be necessary. You may even be able to use extremely fine sandpaper or steel wool to remove dirt. When you have reassembled everything, you need to readjust everything so that the screen and the back are exactly parallel. This can...
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    Positive feedback for @akaru

    Thank you, @akaru ! It was a pleasure to deal with you! Regards, Ben
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    Positive feedback for @nicoswartz

    Thanks, @nicoswartz It was a pleasure to deal with you! An extremely fast and reliable seller. Regards, Ben
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    Remounting lens in Copal

    I asked this question because I often have problems achieving perfect parallelism between lens and sensor. As also mentioned by Reginald Fluggelding. With the Fuji GFX and a Cambo Ultima (view camera) it is very difficult. Even with the T/S panels of a Cambo WRS (techcam) I notice minimal...
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    Remounting lens in Copal

    May I ask what kind of camera you use for these tests?
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    Remounting lens in Copal

    The next hurdle after the correct calibration is the aperture scale. It's interesting that no questions have arisen about this yet. The scales are not transferable between different lenses! Each lens has its own scale. F 5.6 of the Rodenstock HRSW 90mm/5.6 is wider than F5.6 of a Rodenstock HR...
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    Remounting lens in Copal

    MISUMI Teile-Nr.: CIMRSF-D35-V30-T0.1 Hersteller: MISUMI Produktbezeichnung: CALLAR MISUMI Teile-Nr.: CIMRS30-35-0.02 Hersteller: MISUMI Produktbezeichnung: SHIMS
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    Remounting lens in Copal

    I regularly switch from Copal to Compur to Schneider E-Shutter to Copal Press. I also used to have Rollei and Sinar electric shutters. I do the shutter changes when I buy a used lens or to do job-specific work. For example, if I need to take several pictures without touching the camera or if I...
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    WTB: Cambo 48mm rear spacer

    Sent you a PM.
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    FS: 2 Sinar P Lens Boards and 1 Sinar DB Lens Board

    Nobody interested?
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    FS: CAMBO WTS-891 Wide-T/S 90mm HR-Digaron-SW

    If you find someone who only wants the lens, I'm interested in the lenspanel with T/S. Located in Switzerland. Thanks,
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    Cambo WRE-2019 / Actar-19

    I also need the Nikkor version on a GFX 100s. The results are very good, although the Rodenstock 23 HR is still a class above. Focusing is a bit tedious and a lens hood or compendium is very important.
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    Hasselblad 100C and 35XL

    Ah, ok thanks. So there are clearly problems, even with the Rodenstocks. So this back is of no interest to me for the time being. Maybe later on...
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    Hasselblad 100C and 35XL

    Please excuse the interruption of the discussion, I am only interested in technical facts at the moment. Is there a problem using the new Hasselblad back with the Rodenstock 23mm and the 32mm? Based on this answer I can decide whether I should test the new back at all or not. Thanks,
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    Nikon buys RED

    Very interesting. Thanks.