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    Fine Art Finisher/Printer

    Totally get where you're coming from! Presentation matters, and the choice between glass, plexi, or .125 can impact how your work is perceived. A polished presentation complements serious art. But you're right, nailing the print itself is equally crucial. Check out some cool insights on framing...
  2. K

    JPEG or RAW only import on iDevices

    For me, importing only JPEG or RAW on my iPad depends on the mood of the day. Loving the Lightroom plug-in trick for syncing settings and comments – makes life easier. By the way, anyone found a slick way to compress JPEGs on the go? Share your tips!
  3. K

    "Film Lab" ... iOS and Android film scanning app on Kickstarter

    You are absolutely right. To find a good application for scanning documents, QR codes, photos is not an easy task. I work with documents very often, so I need a quality scanner. I send an electronic version of important documents by mail, so the quality of the received scanned materials is of...