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    FS: Alpa Sync Cord II

    Alpa Sync Cord II still available.
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    FS: Alpa Sync Cord II

    Alpa Plus & Rodenstock 32HR are both SOLD. Still have the Center Filter & Sync Cord for anyone looking.
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    FS: Alpa Sync Cord II

    BUMP: With lowered pricing on the lens and split out for options.
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    FS: Alpa Sync Cord II

    ALPA Sync Cord mkII — for PhaseOne : $275 ALPA 12 PLUS : SOLD Rodenstock ALPA HR Alpagon 32mm f4 in SB17 ALPA mount w/ Copal 0 shutter : SOLD Rodenstock Center Filter for 32mm HR : $700 — Genuine ALPA Sync Cord mk II — for PhaseOne Used, in excellent condition. Perfect working order. Does NOT...
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    Found: Rodenstock HR-W 32mm f/4.0 with Copal

    I'm selling a Rodenstock 32mm ALPA HR Alpagon. Obviously it's ALPA mount, not Arca Swiss. But it was just mounted and inspected by ALPA & Rodenstock last year. I'll be putting a post in the B&S section shortly. Located in US.