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    Torres del Paine-Patagonia

    Any recommendations for a 2-day itinerary in Torres del Paine national park.
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    Traveling to Iceland

    Please say hello to Zeynep
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    Traveling to Iceland

    Thanks much Vieri
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    Traveling to Iceland

    Hi Dave, Planning to take the XF body with Schneidxer 40 and 80 as back-up as it is more sealed. I do not want to carry much,I will take Rodenstock 40 ( Should I carry 90). What is the best way to rain cover the technical camera?
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    Traveling to Iceland

    I will be on a winter photo tour to Iceland. weather conditions unreliable. Any recommendations about the technical camera use in unfavorable conditions? thanks
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    Overexposure IQ4 Live view

    Hi Dave, My problem us number 2
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    Overexposure IQ4 Live view

    IQ4 Exposure Simulation with technical camera (Cambo WRS with Rodenstock 40) produces overexposed images. Anyone experiencing the same problem?
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    Leica M 10 Monochrome

    All done with no success
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    Leica M 10 Monochrome

    Brand new with less than 300 shots. Bought in DC, original boxes and invoice. Freezes frequently and causing a lot of problems. Not a reliable camera. Best offer
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    Great Leica Service and Frustration!

    I have recently bought a Leica M10 Monochrome and am on a long-time planned trip to Georgia. I have noticed that it freezes frequently especially on shooting continuous mode and no images recorded on the SD card. tried different cards with no succcess. I went to Leica store in Istanbul with no...
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    FS: Profoto B10 OCF Flash Duo Kit * Price Drop *

    Do you still have the kit? If so please e-mail pictures
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    Leica SL Body and 24-90 SL

    All included with original box and papers. Battery, charger, strap. Body in excellent condition, screens are protected with original Leica films.
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    Leica SL Body and 24-90 SL

    Leica SL body in mint condition like brand new 2100 USD Leica SL 24-90 Lens mint condition 3500 USD
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    Leica SL 16-35 and 24-90 in mint condition for sale

    Original boxes and papers. Used <100 shots, in perfect condition, 16-35 for $4400 24-90 for $3500
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    Rodenstock HR 90 with Cambo lens panel

    Looking for a Rodenstock 90 HR with Cambo lens panel