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    FS: Moon Special Addition 907x + CFV II 50C

    Bump for price reduction to $ 5500 USD shipped and insured
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    Reccomendations needed for a good cable release

    Thank you! Much appreciated!
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    Reccomendations needed for a good cable release

    I am absolutely sick of cable releases lasting for less time than I think they should last! I am primarily using them with my 503cx and long exposures. I would say that I treat my gear very gently but for some reason there is always something wrong with the cable releases I have used. If...
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    FS: Moon Special Addition 907x + CFV II 50C

    Despite much internal dialogue about selling this I have finally decided to sell it so someone can actually use it. Purchased just before a major accident and my hopes to turn it into a technical camera back have waned due to physical limitations. Both digital back and 907x are in mint...
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    Fun with MF images 2024

    I regret selling my XA! Best pocket camera I have had to date. Well I think so... there has been a few
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    Skin tone issues with Epson P800

    This sounds bad but I am happy to hear of someone else experiencing this issue! I thought I was going crazy
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    Skin tone issues with Epson P800

    Thank you Patrick. I am printing something next week so I will let you know how it goes after the double head cleaning cycles. I hope its this simple!
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    Skin tone issues with Epson P800

    Thank you Paul. I am going to investigate this. Much appreciated
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    Skin tone issues with Epson P800

    HI, I have noticed that when printing portraits I am getting skin tones that have a distinct magenta shift in them. My current workflow for printing is using a calibrated imac pro, Phocus for any editing, exporting to PS as a tiff for any sharpening or adjustments to image size and then...
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    Leica CLA recommendations

    Thank you. I appreciate your feedback. What is DAG? Sorry for my ignorance.
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    Leica CLA recommendations

    Im hoping this is the correct forum to post this too so please let me know if it needs to be elsewhere! My M6 needs an CLA and the person I have used here in Vancouver unfortunately passed away last year. (We miss you Horst!) Looking at options over the border I have come across Red Dot Camera...
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    How to support this forum?!

    I would really like to hear from other forum members about their experiences in dealing with CI internationally in regards to returns and support for the products they sell. I am based in BC and I would love to use them but in terms of shipping and associated taxes and duties I havent really...
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    Fun with MF images 2023

    As soon as I saw this I thought that this has to be somewhere back home! Thank you.
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    Fun with the Hasselblad 907x

    Hi, Sorry I didnt see this. Conversion was done in Phocus and then i just played with the levels and a couple of contrast layers in PS. Very new to the process so I am sorry I cant go into more detail.
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    Fun with the Hasselblad 907x

    A couple of portraits of my good friend Alastair in his studio. Taken with the 907x and the 45mm 3.5. 907x and the 90mm 3.2 This was my first time shooting the 907x handheld. While I was happy with the results the ergonomics weren't the best so I sourced a X1D11 which I am really enjoying!
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    Technical Camera Images

    Very nice Jeff. Does this mean you have come out of hibernation and want to go and take some photos together? Im hoping so....
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    How about some portraits

    Vince, I have always wanted to use a SWC for environmental portraits. While they are not in any way an apple for apple comparison, the 50mm CFi FLE lens was my favorite portrait lens just for the extra elements you were able to incorporate. Brilliant shot and very inspiring
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    DOF calculation for Hasselblad X system sensors

    Hi Bab, thats a really good reminder. I appreciate your input.
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    Arca-Swiss F-Universalis working review

    Rob, Thank you for this. As you mentioned there is very little information on the Universalis and I really appreciate the time and effort you have put in. I am only part way through your write up but so far it is excellent. I hope it informs my decision about which option to go with.