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    Found Arca-Swiss R Phase one back panel, “N” standard

    Getting an IQ4, I will use it on my Factum, so I need a back panel in N standard :)
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    SOLD Phase One IQ4-150 digital back.

    Good deal. I will get it :)
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    FS: Sinar M camera, excellent condition, boxed.

    Would be awesome if I get use canon lenses :)
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    FS: Sinar M camera, excellent condition, boxed.

    Not familiar with this camera. I wonder what is the back mount and what is the format
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    FS: Arca Swiss R-Mount & calibration rings for 90mm Sironar

    Interested in the 24XL, do you ship to the US?
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    WTB: ARCA-SWISS Rm3d "FAC unit" (Part of Factum)

    No relationship with them, though I have bought a few gears from them.
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    WTB Hasselblad 40mm F/4 Distagon CF T* FLE Lens

    I have a 50mm CFi if you are interested. And I am looking for a 80mm CF :)
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    WTB: Hasselblad 80mm Planar C or CF

    Looking for a V mount Hassy 80mm f2.8. I am located in the US.
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    BOUGHT Arca Swiss core 60

    Thanks for replies. I am in the US :)
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    BOUGHT Arca Swiss core 60

    Does anyone have a spare Core 60 to sell?
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    Fun with MF images 2023

    Thanks for the detailed advices. I will try it out :) Actually, I am thinking in the same direction as yours. I reduced the exposure on the left fall and the near stone. It seems I can do more. Increasing the exposure on the right is a good idea. I will follow your suggestions and have a try :)...
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    Fun with MF images 2023

    First time post here, just put together a system recently. 35XL P65+ with CF. I was hoping I have a wider lens, but 35XL is the widest I have :(. I also struggled on whether to dehaze, but finally didn't because I like the feel of depth. Looking for advices.
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    FS: SK 47 XL APO DIGITAR IN CAMBO WTS + Center Filter Price Reduced

    This is an awesome lens, good luck for the sale
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    WTB: SK 80mm N Arca-swiss R tube

    I have a SK 80mm N, I wonder does anyone want to sell the tube for mounting on Arca-swiss R?
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    SOLD: Arca Swiss RM3DI Body w/ Extras

    This is a good price
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    SK digitar 72mm L vs 80mm L vs 90mm N

    Thanks everyone for the information all super helpful :)
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    SK digitar 72mm L vs 80mm L vs 90mm N

    I am looking for a Copal 0 lens to use with 60mp digital back at around 80mm focus lens. I notice the 3 lenses all have good reputation. I wonder what is the difference between them? It seems they all have 90mm image circle and very similar focus length.
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    fat pixel digital backs

    Out of curiosity, does sensor+ make a P65+/P45+ fat pixel?