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  1. J

    Nikon Z6 III teasers and first impressions.

    Hi, The offiicial one:
  2. J

    Nikon Z6 III teasers and first impressions.

    Hi, Let's start early this time. The teasers are starting, here is one: Next week Adorama and B&H will be back, so maybe preorders are going to start sooner rather than later. Best regards,
  3. J

    Fun with MF images 2024

    Hi, As the meme goes: como dice el meme, such a distinguished gentleman Best regards,
  4. J


    Hi, I will order my wireless remote this weekend (God willing) and will let you know how it behaves. Sadly, Apple has become a soulless company. Tim is not getting any younger and it's showing. Apple should go and invest in a collaborative project with Adobe and the camera brands and...
  5. J

    Will you be getting Capture One Studio?

    Hi, 45$/ month seems a little bit too expensive compared to Adobe's solution. The capabilities are good, ( if it's stable) but for most people, it won't be enough to justify the extra. We have to keep in mind that Adobe fixed,for the most part, the colors. Adobe is charging $20 per...
  6. J

    Fuji's tour de force

    Hi, Fuji just announced a set of new products including a unique small 500mm f5.6 (I don't know what the effective focus length is at close focus). The new camera with improved AF, ISO dynamic range and multishot capabilities according to Fuji. They still have the flash sync limitation...
  7. J

    Hasselblad 24mm (or 25mm) f2.5V and 135mm f2.5V

    Hi, Nice. I love they are moving, it was painful when they dropped the H but they are trying to keep the X alive. I hope they fixed the production issues and all the lenses become available. It's pretty Nice. I hope the sum of Fuji and Hasselblad plus other commercial Applications like...
  8. J

    907x 100c - Phocus Mobile 2 - Top Overlay Crops Live View on Ipad

    Sweet setup! I hope you find a fix or workaround for the issue Best regards.
  9. J

    The XCD 90V isn't just Hasselblad's finest lens – it could be the finest lens we've ever tested

    Old cars are not as safe as modern ones, or as aerodynamic, but back then cars had personalities and were different from each other. This one is an example of it. Wonderful. Best regards.
  10. J

    Medium Format Pets

    Hi, Now we are talking, after so many crop sensor pets 😂 Best regards,
  11. J

    Growing concern over availability of XCD (older style) and New V lenses

    It seems like a broken culture problem. I should say "another" because they have not fixed the communication problem that they used to have. I had a little bit of hope that DJI will fix communications because they are a modern corporation, they have not. Hasselblad may be prioritizing B&H...
  12. J

    A Good Zoom Lens for Nikon D700

    Hi, I will recommend you check the Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5G ED VR it is supposed to very good above 35mm and stoped down (the range you are more likely to use for portraits) and is small and cheap. One can find mint used smaples. Here is the Image Resource test...
  13. J

    Live view support for Capture One for iPad / iPhone Version 2.3.0

    Hi, I believe they are now different but under the same ownership since 2019 or 2020. I guess that they are trying to operate them so that the high-profit Software side does not lose business opportunities because is integrated with Phase One. Think about it like something similar to...
  14. J

    D500 - closest in Z body?

    Hi, I will recommend you keep shooting with the D500 until you can get a used Z8. The resolution will be close to identical (crop mode) the AF for birds in flight supreme etc. The other option is leaving Nikon: Any modern Sony will AF better than your D500 most of the time. Again if you want...
  15. J

    IQ5 rumors

    Hi, Yes, and that is good. They are also sold in places like B&H and Adorama etc. To put it funnily, cameras are not part of a competition that includes who has a bigger you know what, or whose milkshake brings more boys to the yard (to be inclusive) 🤣 Most camera buyers, including myself...
  16. J

    IQ5 rumors

    Hi, I hope you are wrong about the P1 only part, that will limit sales and could make Sony reject the expenses. Nothing is blocking Leica from using it for a future mirrorless platform, and Hasselblad can introduce it as a big brother to the CFV, at say 15K. Best regards,
  17. J

    IQ5 rumors

    Hi, I fully understand that you don't like the idea of a cropped small area, but it's what P1 asked when they release a camera you should crop to zoom. Phase One users defended the design. I don't know in what numbers they buy the camera, but they seem to love it in paper. Also, you may not...
  18. J

    IQ5 rumors

    Hi, If P1 decides to use it, they can Mask the sensor in software. The resolution will be close to 211 MPixels and we know P1 has no issue asking people to crop aggressively as they did with the fixed lens mirrorless camera. The other option is Leica. With this sensor, they could introduce...
  19. J

    IQ5 rumors

    Hi, Yes, I remember that sensor. It was a time when MF was far still vibrant (it seems to be gaining momentum again). The Leaf backs were sweet with a different color rendition. Cameras have advanced so much, but part of the love for the art and fight to get the image and the expertise have...
  20. J

    IQ5 rumors

    Hi, No, I did the math too and if the pixels are squares it leads to 53.71mm x 36.32mm a sensor Leica can dream of. Someone talks about using it for a 48mm x 36 mm masked it will lead to a beautiful 200MP sensor. Best regards