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    Arca Swiss D4 head variants?

    besides the normal benefit of working with both Arca rail sizes, I like the classic two-step clamp for this: The extra depth allows easy portrait-orientation tethering - no fussing with sliding out the L-bracket!
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    Newly purchased GFX100S has red tint

    The only thing I can add here is to remind about metameric failure. Some (many?) paints / materials will look different under different light sources. Things like UV coated / uncoated flash tubes, low quality LEDs, etc will throw wrenches in color matching efforts. Good luck!
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    Medium Format and Coffee

    My hard working La Pavoni Europiccola. She's in need of a thorough cleaning and seal change, so I figured I'd take a 'before' shot.
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    Restore old faded photos--remember Digital ROC?

    A hack/trick if you use the Negative Lab Pro plugin in Lightroom: manually invert the image in PS or other, then convert the ‘negative’ with NLP.
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    IQ5 rumors

    Didn’t MR say something similar about an early Canon DSLR as well? 10D?
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    Hasselblad 100C and 35XL

    How many times are you going to post in a thread *about* tech cam use suggesting people stop posting about the thread topic? If Hasselblad wants certain customers, then yes, they must do certain things.
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    Hasselblad 100C and 35XL

    90% of my work involves XY movements with wide lenses. At this point there are two deal breakers for me: 1. Banding w/ shifted wide lenses. 2. Distortion correction of shifted lenses in an efficient workflow. Both are solvable, but I won’t be a customer until then. I’ve let Hasselblad know...
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    The Fujinon GF Tilt Shift Lenses Are Finally Here!

    Time for someone to open one up and see if there's encoding hardware for tilt! :cool:
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    WTB: Kipon Contax 645 to GFX shift adapter

    Still looking…
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    X shutter alternatives in the future?

    I wonder who makes/made the shutters in Hasselblad X & H lenses? And Phase/SK, Leica S lenses? There’s also the Alpa FPS. Whatever happened to Arca’s FPS?
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    YT: Hasselblad 907x & CFV 100c - A journey with Ian Atkinson on location with Technical cameras

    They noted at the end of the video that the music was licensed. It’s possible the license was for UK only or some similar limit that was exceeded by a worldwide audience.
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    Hasselblad 100C and 35XL

    Dang - this back is so close, yet so far away...
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    Hasselblad 100C and 35XL

    Is there a difference shifting along the long vs short axis of the sensor?
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    Fun with Nikon Images 2024 - while it still works!!!

    Some symmetry on the drive home today - Oregon D800fs / B+W 093 IR / 85mm PC-E stitched
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    Hasselblad 100C and 35XL

    Anyone have wide (23-35mm) Rodie HRs to test on the CFV100C? I'll second the recommendation for everyone to report this to Hasselblad - also the need to correct distortion on shifted Rodie lenses.
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    Hasselblad 100C and 35XL

    Professionals who produce images for discerning clients for one. If you don't, great - carry on.
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    When will IQ4 150 hit sub US $10k?

    After the initial upgrade “rush” to an IQ5 settles down.
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    Your favourite “bang for the buck” lenses

    The first rule of the Bargain Lens Club is… don’t talk about the Bargain Lens Club.
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    C1 laying off people / sale of P1 this year?

    There may be some old interviews at Luminous Landscape that would have some quotes.
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    C1 laying off people / sale of P1 this year?

    I forget, does the IQ4 itself now have all it's originally promised features?