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    D500 - closest in Z body?

    Looking at a Z body to use some of my long Canon AF lenses. Want to be able to keep them with a Nikon crop body. Anything that autofocuses as well as the Nikon D500? I use one with Nikkors but it won't take Canon AF lenses - 300/400 f/2.8 lenses. Am not getting a Z8 or 9 - price is too high...
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    Advice on avoiding or reducing film grain

    Use large format film and contact print your images. Easy and simple. Don't even need an enlarger.
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    5x4 - wood (Ebony) vs metal (Linhof MT)

    Escept for the Batteries. I still can't figure out where they would go if the old Deardorff ever dies...
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    4x5 Photography 101 - where to begin?

    If you want to keep the dollars down so you get into this without spending a fortune check out the older Calumet/Orbit 4x5 monorail cameras. Can often be found with a lens for under $300. A half dozen film holders, light meter, tripod and cable release and you are ready to go. Some of this you...
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    The big question is whether the AutoFocus us up to all the other claimed improvements. So far Fuji has missed the mark on AF performance. Good but not great when compared to other makers.
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    OK to post FOR SALE in normal forums?

    Looking in some forums I am seeing FOR SALE ads. Not in classified For Sale section. Is this OK? Seems it will get a more directed audience, but at the expense of the ForSale section.
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    Fuji 50MP compared to PhaseOne 40MP(hasselblad mount)

    Anyone with actual experience comparing the image results of the 50MP Fuji cameras compared to the Phase One 40MP back on a Hasselblad 501 camera? Looking at the possibility of the 40 MP back as I already have the Hasselblad outfit. But, the Fuji is much newer and all the benefits of that may...