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    remote triggering an XF

    The only way to remote (without cables) trigger an XF, is to buy a profoto trigger for hundreds and hundreds of dollars? timer isnt fesible Or is there some alternative way?
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    It is Finally Here, 907x 100c

    I mean, how hard can it be? Tech cam users still have to remember to write down shift values, on scraps of paper on a windswept mountain, and hope they can be matched again back home at processing time
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    It is Finally Here, 907x 100c

    Can you enter shift values into the EXIF as well as lens?
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    Phase One XF + IQ3 50 + SK 80mm

    I am selling my XF and IQ3 back. I just dont get the use out of them that I should. All items are in excellent condition without any marks, scratches or damage. XF is Hap2 with prism mirror count of 25573 IQ3 50 is also in excellent condition Capture count: 4564 Comes in Phase One case with...
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    The moment I have been dreading - how does a photographer pick an unknown photographer?

    I'm getting married next year. Very happy about that The wife-to-be is running around thrusting all kinds of 'discussions' in my direction; number of guests, venues, dates, decor and then.... we need to pick a photographer! We're going to be married back in her home town, so its not like I can...
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    What's my camera worth?

    Thinking of moving away from Phase One. I'm not getting the use out of my gear right now and I want to move to something with an electronic shutter in the future I have a mint IQ350 with an XF (hap-2) both low capture counts if I were to sell, any ideas on what it might be worth? thanks
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    Trouble with PhaseOne?

    I'm confused, what was the point of this thread?
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    phase one XC…

    we dont KNOW that though ;)
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    phase one XC…

    Actually I was thinking more about de-coupling the back from the package as an easy 'win' for marketing, in my above comment I recognize I went away from the lens situation
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    phase one XC…

    I think that's inevitable But wrapped up as a 'we listened to our user base and have acted' type of a marketing "victory" before the end of the year
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    phase one XC…

    I dont see it as something to carry the business. It looks far to niche for that. It's an option in the lineup. Simple as that.
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    phase one XC…

    There is also the possibility: 1) they were listening to the wrong people 2) they were listening to the right people who will actually buy this, and it was never meant for the majority of users (such as here) which is why it looks like no-one 'gets it' They could be producing it in such low...
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    How viable is a schneider electronic shutter on a tech cam?

    Yeah i think going for a DB with an ES is the best solution long term. But not sure i will be able to afford another P1 a CFV, even the 50, might be more financially viable for me on my tech cam
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    phase one XC…

    to me it looks like a 'parts bin special' probably cost peanuts to design and manufacture (so thats how it got internal approval) and with access to a bunch of lenses and a pile of IQ4's in the corner. was never expected to sell thousands, but it was a cheap way to produce something 'new'
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    How viable is a schneider electronic shutter on a tech cam?

    I have a cambo WRS and IQ3 currently it's got a 35XL on the front. Because my back doesnt have an ES, I am curious to know if going for a schneider electronic shutter and switching it out for the copal0 the lens is currently mounted to, is a good idea or not This will only ever be used in the...
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    phase one XC…

    I see it as a side niche product, probably something that a handful of paying customers asked for specifically, and they'll buy it Nothing wrong with that - as long as you remember side products are supposed to be, well released on the side and not instead of your mainstay products
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    Travel tripod for a tech cam

    Sorry I totally missed this - I am fairly short at 5'6"
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    what to replace my Z3100 with

    I have used the HP Designjet Z3100 for years But its giving me more and more problems, the inks & heads are getting really expensive and I am starting to think about replacing it. I dont know what to go for as a replacement and hoping to get some advice. Things I like about the z3100: colour...