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    HHHR and Olympus Workspace

    Just testing out HHRS for the first time on newly acquired OM1. Having read somewhere that OM Workspace (which I have just updated) does the best raw conversions my first step was to view the files there. Not only did it take ages/forever on my 2020 i7 iMac with 32GB RAM to render the files but...
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    ETTR in 2023

    Is this still relevant? Back in the first decade of this century, Michael Reichmann (Luminous Landscape) was an advocate but maybe the characteristics of digital sensors and the processing hardware/software have moved on.
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    Leica screw mount lenses on Panasonic S1r

    I wondered if using collapsible Elmar lenses (1949 50/3.5, 1958 50/2.8) on an S1R with adapter it was necessary to mount in extended position to avoid hitting the sensor?
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    35mm lens for S1r

    I like “vintage “ style lenses, which drew me to the idea of the Voigtlander 35/2 Ultron II M mount with an adapter ( I have a couple of screw mount Leica bodies but don’t see me getting an M Leica for the immediate future). I don’t mind manual focusing but with a dumb adapter M to L adapter ...
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    XT-5 Sounds right

    Elderly Yes my travel kit is also M43, EM1 - 2 with 12-40 and the 40-150/4; the XT-5 made me wonder whether a viable replacement for that and small L Mount kit (also have X100V) but looking for Fujifilm equivalent lenses pushes size and weight beyond what I need
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    Olympus EM1 Mk2 card slots

    Thanks for information. The total length of video I can record may be determined by battery duration rather than card capacity. The race will take say 18-25 days and I would hope to do maybe 5-10 minutes a day or maybe 15 minutes every other day, which sounds like maybe 2-3hrs to be edited down...
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    Olympus EM1 Mk2 card slots

    Normally, I don't do video but I'm planning to take the above on the ARC transatlantic yacht race in November and make a video record. Following a recent card glitch I now have set up so files record to both cards. I also need to get bigger cards for video so was planning to get 2 x 256GB...
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    New Fujifilm X100V annoyance

    I have sort of solved the problem by attaching thin Velcro strips (eye , not hook) to the inside of the cap
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    New Fujifilm X100V annoyance

    Finally received my X100V and the weather resistance filter and adaptor ring kit (as it was half price if ordered with the camera). However, when the latter is fitted the lens cap just falls off as there is nothing for it to grip on. Considering the thought that has gone into creating this...
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    OM-1 C-AF Tracking

    The EM1 II is my "go to/travel camera, with 12-40/2.8 Pro and just recently the new 40-150/4 Pro. Generally speaking I photograph things that don't move (except leaves, trees and water)but the last couple of weeks in Antigua and Barbuda I attempted to photograph terns close up, which fly very...
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    Lumix S1R experience

    If you're going down that route, strongly recommend teaming the S1R with Sigma 65/2; i'm sure the Panny S 50/1.8 is great but I prefer the slightly tighter crop of 65mm and the Sigma is has great build and feel and makes the S1R a handier, lighter piece of kit.
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    Next iMac 27" likely to be priced way above existing

    Wonder whether 14" Macbook Pro with standard 16GB RAM would be enough.
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    Next iMac 27" likely to be priced way above existing

    Seems likely that the next large iMac will be a Pro model priced for graphics pros, i.e. people who can write down cost against tax. My late 2014 model, bought refurbished in 2016, is getting a bit slow - I have not tried a 187MP file from S1R yet but I'm expecting speed to be a bit like...
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    Lumix S1R experience

    On price, in the UK I bought new S1R with 24-105 last year for £2799 and then got £300 cash back and 3 year warranty so net cost £2500. At the time the R5 was £4298 body only (and still is). Regarding AF I have found AFS quick enough and very accurate. Haven’t really used AFC but if subject was...
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    The OM-1

    OM1 looks a tour de force but not one I could justify when EM1 mk2 meets my needs for a travel camera. The 40-150/4.0 OTOH is exactly what I need, the 2.8 version being far too large for my idea of a small, discrete travel kit.
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    The OM-1

    There are loads of FF options. I think the selling point of M43 is the benefits of the smaller sensor - less inertia to move sensor for better IBIS, smaller, sometimes much smaller, lenses. And for everyone who moans about too much depth of field, there are some of us who find it an advantage...
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    Sigma lens correction profiles

    Just ordered a Sigma 14-24/2.8 DN for my S1R. Looking through the Panasonic manual I can't find any reference to lens profiles. Wondered if anyone knew answers to following: 1. Presumably the baked in lens profile for digital correction of distortion, vignetting, coma etc is automatically...
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    Impact of underuse on Epson SCP800

    That’s reassuring - the new SCP 900 is very attractive but I need to get some serious usage out of this 800 to justify original purchase
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    Impact of underuse on Epson SCP800

    After having an Epson 3800 for 8 years I bought a SCP 800 back in 2016 as I couldn’t clear a clog on one channel of the 3800. In the event I’ve only used it very very occasionally since, so much so not used much of first set of replacement cartridges. Run a nozzle check periodically and...
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    Panasonic 24-105/4 vs Sigma 24-70/2.8 for S1R

    Yes I think it will be a great complement to my Olympus EM1 Mk2 - feels like a proper brick - reminds me of my Pentax 67 although I hope it's a lot quieter. I might have an issue with the dioptric adjustment range on the EVF - my reading glasses are +3. Had to bring old Win7 laptop back to life...