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    Contax 645 Digital Back suggestions

    No worries. Those two cameras, while being old in some eyes, are as good as anything around at the moment. Angels on a pin head and all that. These and other cameras will outperform the photographer in most cases. As an aside, I used to own a C645 (for film) but sold it when I was told digital...
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    Generative landscape art – a (horror) vision of the future of photography?

    Yet a critical eye will notice oddities such as the shadows of the 'departed' subjects; the bricked up doorway, the odd brick work that has no reason to be there, etc. I guess the more complicated the image and the more stuff that needs to be removed, the easier it is to spot these errors...
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    Contax 645 Digital Back suggestions

    As tcdeveau says, options are very scarce and those that pop up for sale are quickly snapped up for high prices. In addition, none of the back makers produce anything in the C645 mount any more so your options are limited to used CMOS backs if you want NO noise. These are even scarcer. A Phase...
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    Thoughtful pics of fauna...

    Ought to add my bird photo's... From a while back. Nesting Black-headed Gull in amongst the rushes. Ye olde Nikon D300s and 600mm f4 VR. Cropped. Cheers, Duff.
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    Atmospheric Phenomena

    Okay... ...then it really got going. Strong enough to cast shadows. This event was classed as a G5 (extreme) by NOAA's Space Weather Prediction Center, the strongest since 2003. I was just lucky enough to be watching and photographing it when it hit. Must have been quite the something further...
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    Atmospheric Phenomena

    Howdo all, We don't have a thread for photographs of stuff that happens above our heads. So here it is. This thread is intended to be a depository for all things that happen in our atmosphere - thunder storms, meteors, sprites, tornadoes, cloud formations, etc. The only thing not allowed, if I...
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    Ageing photographers and the weight. Simplicate and add lightness.

    ...or kids. Small enough not to rebel. Cheers, Duff.
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    A macro lens for the view camera

    Bu**er! I used his site a lot when I was sorting out my micro photography set-up, so I owe him thanks. I hope his site stays up somehow, so that the work he did doesn't fade away. Thanks, Duff.
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    Inkjet vs c-type prints in 2024

    One of the principal reasons of going (colour) c-print was its marketability. From my past experience, the 'knowing' paying public view such a print as a true 'photographic' print, or (as you put it Paul) a museum grade print. However, over the last few weeks of investigation, I'm increasingly...
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    What F-Stop range do you use

    Depends on the application. In other words, all, except f32. Cheers, Duff
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    Your favourite “bang for the buck” lenses

    Another lens or rather series of lenses are the Yashica lenses for the 35mm Yashica/Contax mount. All from the SSB's to the ML's (I've only tried the primes, so can't comment on the zooms). Said to be a cheaper and lesser alternative to Zeiss, but I find they can keep up with their bigger...
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    Inkjet vs c-type prints in 2024

    Absolutely. Thankfully, I only need to fret about my last remaining stock of Provia 120 rollfilm and 4x5 sheets, if indeed I actually use it up, which I ought to. I've never had issues with dedicated photo labs, only the high street places in the early days when I was finding my feet. Of...
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    Inkjet vs c-type prints in 2024

    Yup, Grieger are closest. The nearest lab to me is 100km away so sending by post is the only option. Cheers, Duff.
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    Inkjet vs c-type prints in 2024

    Thanks Paul and Anyone. Points noted. It's the final print process that needs to be reassessed at present, all other aspects have been optimised for a while now. I'll likely move over to Grieger, at least for E6 film processing as and when. Regards prints, it would seem a good idea to go to...
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    Inkjet vs c-type prints in 2024

    Thanks Paul for your lengthy and considered thoughts - very much appreciated. Yes, a digital c print is what I'm looking for (applied by laser - Polielettronica, Lambda, etc.). Yes, and yes I agree, but galleries are not the easiest to access, at least where I am. I also wonder how much they...
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    Inkjet vs c-type prints in 2024

    Howdo, Inkjet prints have come along way. Their quality is regarded as better than a c-type dye-based print in virtually all aspects except price, certain areas of colour gamut, and possibly tonality (due to dye being used rather than tiny splotches of pigment), not that I'm sure you'd notice...
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    Photographing in visually complex places.

    Huh! You posted a pic just as I was about to reply, so well timed! First of all, I should say that each (good) photographer has their own style to some extent. This means to say that the rules of photography aren't always followed. So, with that proviso out of the way... With regard to the...
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    Can you explain what software is used to get this image Cheers, Duff.
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    Can’t remove back on Linhof

    It should be a simple 90 degree turn of the release lever in the corner. Link to a video, by Linhof Studio, UK, of the Linhof Super technika 69 (2x3 if American) is below. Linhof Super technika 69 Overview Cheers, Duff.
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    Thoughtful pics of fauna...

    Aha! You are indeed mistaken ;) It is a Loggerhead Shrike. Compared with Northern Shrike, Loggerhead has a more substantial black mask with runs over the bill, and cleaner white underperts. In Northern Shrike the mask is less extensive and does not run over the bill. Also, the underparts are...