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    Medium Format and Coffee

    Glad you're eyeing up a replacement though, and I gotta say, Keurig minis are pretty solid choices.
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    D500 - closest in Z body?

    The Z6 II and Z7 II both offer great autofocus capabilities, and they might just fit the bill for what you need. Plus, they're not as pricey as the flagship models.
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    FS Digaron W 40mm

    The Rodenstock Digaron W 40mm is definitely sought after. €4000 sounds like a fair price, especially considering it's clean and taxes are sorted out. If you're in Europe and can do a personal handoff, that's even better.
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    Good free photo editing programs

    I am a videographer who occasionally delves into photography. While I mainly produce travel and event videos, I do work with photos, especially RAW images from my DSLR. DaVinci Resolve is indeed great for video, but for photo editing, it might not be the best for handling RAW files like .NEF...
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    GFX 100II won't trigger flash when HC lens attached

    Have you tried tinkering with the flash settings on the camera itself? Sometimes, there might be a specific setting that needs adjusting to get everything synced up properly. Also, maybe checking for any firmware updates for either the camera or the adapter could potentially resolve the issue.
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    IQ5 rumors

    Yeah, there's definitely some buzz about an IQ5 200 possibly being in the works, but nothing concrete yet. Haven't spotted anything solid on Sony's roadmap either. It's mainly speculation at this point.
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    What am I doing wrong or missing?

    The lack of coding can be a pain sometimes, but manually selecting the lens is a good workaround. It's strange that it's only showing up as 28mm though, especially if you shot the whole spread. Could be a compatibility issue or maybe a setting needs tweaking?
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    Anyone ordered the GFX-Phase1 smart adpater from Kipon?

    I haven't tried the PHASE M645-GFX E adapter, but I'm crossing my fingers it works out for you. Ordering directly can be a gamble sometimes. Kipon's customer service sounds like a headache. Three emails and no reply? Yikes.
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    Any gear insurance recommandations?

    When I was in Paris, I went with Full Frame Insurance for my gear. Luckily, didn't have to use it, but heard good things about their coverage for theft and all.
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    So, who's making money out of their photography?

    Over here, the market's flooded with wannabe pros. Tried the online print hustle, but wallets are tight. Teaching's the fallback for many big names. Had to diversify to make bank. Cultural vibes impact how much people drop on pics.
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    The moment I have been dreading - how does a photographer pick an unknown photographer?

    Look for someone with a balanced style— not too staged or too casual. Ask for client testimonials and full wedding albums. It's a bit of a hunt, but when you find the right one, it's golden.