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  1. Abstraction

    More and more film fun with something other than a Leica M

    Upstate NY Kodachrome 64
  2. Abstraction

    Behind the picture: share your thinking

    I saw these two trees behind the barbed wire fence and I loved how the barbed wire cut across the trees. I looked for a good angle and I realized that the house is made up of horizontal and vertical lines. I wanted the fence to cut through the house and the trees. Then, I decided I wanted the...
  3. Abstraction

    Fun with the Fuji X ___!

    Xe2 Canon FD 50mm f1.8
  4. Abstraction

    Did any one wonder....

    I don't know about phase two, but phase 3 is profit.
  5. Abstraction

    Fun with the Fuji X ___!

    X-e2 Canon fd 135mm f2.8
  6. Abstraction

    Inkjet vs c-type prints in 2024

    C prints have never been archival and as far as color quality is concerned, have never held a candle to Cibachrome or even R prints. That was the reason most fine art photographers shot either slide film or black and white negative film during the film era. I had Lambda prints made of my work...
  7. Abstraction

    Let's see some abstracts

    Objects in motion
  8. Abstraction

    IQ5 rumors

    I think Soup is a ventriloquist and he uses Matt as a vehicle to espouse his very deep and profound thoughts on various subjects - photographic and otherwise.
  9. Abstraction

    IQ5 rumors

    We don't want this to devolve into an animal measuring contest.
  10. Abstraction

    IQ5 rumors

    How many megapixels does one need to take pictures of one's cat? Inquiring minds want to know.
  11. Abstraction

    What we all strive for:

    One of the most important aspects, the one that will hold people's attention is tension. Tension can be lines coming to a point, it could be the juxtaposition of incongruous colors or anything that conveys a feeling of anticipation. Stanley's picture has tension in the way the bird and tree...
  12. Abstraction

    How about more and more fun with Canon...

    5D2 70-210 f4
  13. Abstraction


  14. Abstraction

    Fun with the Fuji X ___!

    X-e2 Canon fd 35mm f2.8
  15. Abstraction

    Fun with MF images 2024

    Then it should serve as an impetus for you to start drinking again. 😜😜
  16. Abstraction

    Resolution between digital and analog photographic Pictures

    Here's an image I duplicated with my 20mp camera from a K64 slide and another image from the same 20mp camera (non-dupe) Both are 100% crops
  17. Abstraction

    Fun with MF images 2024

    I love your work. It really speaks to me.
  18. Abstraction

    Using CFV 100 handheld

    I would approach it, the following way: 100mp is in the 4x5 film territory. The rule of thumb for 35mm had been 1/focal length. For 4x5, I would use the 1/ 3x(focal length). That would be my starting point. You may wind up way below that speed depending on how steady you are, but that formula...