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  1. ndwgolf

    First try in my home studio (Need some advice)

    Thanks for the feedback.........we plan to try again tomorrow. I will post up the results🙏
  2. ndwgolf

    First try in my home studio (Need some advice)

    Guys Im looking for some advice on placement of my two only modifiers for full body and head and shoulder portraits . For this and all my shots I had the 50cm Beauty dish about 50 cm from my girlfriends face slightly above and pointing down at about 45 degrees. The second light is a 1.5m strip...
  3. ndwgolf

    Improvised studio at home

    A few more taken today in an old derelict building, all natural light.
  4. ndwgolf

    Nikon 85/1.2 first try-out with Z9

    Ive just bought one too...........Im looking forward to trying it out
  5. ndwgolf

    Improvised studio at home

    Got a new GF who just loves getting her picture I obliged. We rearranged the spare bedroom that has beautiful full length window light coming in and took a bunch of pictures. I messed up with the image size as I was trying to sell my D500 and a potential buyer asked me for...
  6. ndwgolf

    New Nikon Z7 II plus Z70/200mm

    "Had them all and sold them all". Im starting a new and just bought myself a new Z7 II along with the Z70/200mm lens. My only other digital lens that I have is a Nikon 600mm f4 and a 24mm 1.4 so I will hopefully get an adapter for those lenses to use with the new Z7. Ive recently got a new...
  7. ndwgolf

    More Fun with Large Format Film Images!

    Picture of my new GF taken with my Chamonix 8x10
  8. ndwgolf

    Its been a while but new GF has inspired me to get back into LF photography

    All images taken with my Chamonix 8x10 here in sunny Thailand with my girlfriend Fon.......I have a few more negs to scan in the morning
  9. ndwgolf

    One for the X1D II crew

    Thats what I have with the added bonus of MF if you think necessary
  10. ndwgolf

    One for the X1D II crew

    Ive had my X1D II for maybe a year now but really not used it or any other camera during the last 12 months .....but for some reason Ive got the bug again to go out and take some pictures. I have 3 x XCD lenses 45P, 80 f1.9 and 135 f2.8. On Saturday I'm going to shoot some young monks walking...
  11. ndwgolf

    How about some portraits

    Its been a while, took a picture of my wife with my new XCD80 f1.9 wide open
  12. ndwgolf

    Hasselblad V lenses on X1D II

    Thanks John I will check it out
  13. ndwgolf

    Hasselblad V lenses on X1D II

    Guys, Has anyone used there old V lenses on the X1D body? Im going on my first photo trip since COVID so excited to be going all around Northern Thailand for a week shooting anything and everything. Im taking my X1D II plus 45P 80 f1.9 plus 135 f2.8..............I am also thinking of taking my...
  14. ndwgolf

    Leica S007 Body PLUS 3 x S Lenses (Package) REDUCED

    Reduced the package to USD$10k
  15. ndwgolf

    Leica S007 Body PLUS 3 x S Lenses (Package) REDUCED

    I have included 3 x Leica S and 3 S lenses all for £10k
  16. ndwgolf

    Heart warming Leica S story

    I bought into the Leica S system around 2012 starting with the Leica S006 with 3 x S lenses (S30mm CS, S70mm and S120mm CS), and later I upgraded the body to the S007. All 3 of my lenses had to be returned to Leica probably within the first 6 months of using them due to the now commonly known...
  17. ndwgolf

    Leica S007 Body PLUS 3 x S Lenses (Package) REDUCED

    Like New Leica S007 Camera Body (NO BOX) PLUS I will add 3 Leica S lenses S120 CS. S70mm (Brand new) S30mm CS Lens .............(Note all lenses have just returned from Leica in Germany after having a complete service and overall All of the above can be yours today for only USD10,000,00
  18. ndwgolf

    Leica S120 Macro CS

    Leica S120 Macro CS (Amazing for Portraits too). This lens in in mint condition (Just last week it was completely serviced and overhaul by Leica in Germany). It comes with both lens caps and hood......ON B&H its a $10k lens, selling today for USD$3700