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    XCD 21/4 for night sky photography

    Thank you for your answers! This helps, maybe I get the lens for the trip. I do have also an Canon EF 16-35 2.8 L III which performs quite nicely, so I have to think a bit. But good to hear that the lens performs also at the night sky. My CFV100c doesn't focus to infinity when powered on.
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    XCD 21/4 for night sky photography

    Hi there, I'm planning a little trip for shooting Aurora Borealis this fall. My current wide angle options are not really sufficient for that, and I would like to ask how the XCD 21/4 performs on the night sky? Particularly about coma that spoils the shape of stars at night. Thank you!
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    FS: Linhof Techno [priced to sell]

    I sent a private message.
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    FS: Linhof Techno [priced to sell]

    Bump with new price: EUR 4.500 net to me.
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    FS: Linhof Techno [priced to sell]

    Bump with new price: EUR 4.900 net to me.
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    Fun with MF images 2024

    Switzerland 907x CFV100c, XCD 90
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    Hasselblad 100C and 35XL

    Another answer of the support, to my reply: "As the technical support,your request is understood by us.We will report your request to our R&D team and currently we kindly recommend you to stay tuned with our official website for the latest news on this."
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    Hasselblad 100C and 35XL

    Congratulations! I think this is an awesome back in many situations. Just this thread is about the fix of a specific problem. If Hasselblad manages to get this fixed, it will be 100% awesome. Now it's "just" 85%.
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    Hasselblad 100C and 35XL

    Oh wow. Hasselblad replied to me finally on the issue: "For the banding issue you are referring,Our R&D team confirmed that the "horizontal stripes"as you mentioned is caused by PDAF.And it is also known as PDAF banding.When using a wide-angle lens, especially when using a technical camera, it...
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    FS: Linhof Techno [priced to sell]

    Bump with new price: EUR 5.100 net to me.
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    FS: Apo-Digitar 5,6/72 L in Copal 0 shutter, Cambo-mounted

    Bump with new price: EUR 2.499 net to me.
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    SOLD Phase One IQ4-150 digital back.

    Well, that is an awesome deal. GLWS!
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    What Are You Using to Sharpen Images Now Days?

    I use the smart sharpen tool of Photoshop.
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    Fun with Medium Format FILM Images!

    Congratulations, this is a very nice small camera! Is it the one that was for sale here recently?
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    Best Digital Back for use with Hasselblad SWC and C1?

    The crop sensor is taking away much of the appeal of the SWC in my opinion. To my knowledge, P1 stopped providing Hasselblad V mounts after the 80mp backs. Someone else with more knowledge on the topic may chip in. I used the camera with the P20+, P45+, IQ1 60, P65+, and CFV100c. I liked it...
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    Fun with the Hasselblad 907x

    Thank you for the hint to the Hoodman Loupe! It arrived and seems to be very well suited for the purpose.
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    Hasselblad 100C and 35XL

    I agree on this that my feelings are mixed towards the back. I just hoped it would be THE modern digital back that can be used with my wide angles, and same time be a walkaround camera. With limitations, the 907x is a walkaround camera for me. IBIS would be better, but I don't mind that much...
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    Hasselblad 100C and 35XL

    I now just had a detailed look at the files. It seems what I saw was electronic shutter related, not the banding. I corrected my post above, apologies for the confusion!
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    Hasselblad 100C and 35XL

    I just finished adapting my Digitar 180 to the Cambo. Upside: it all works as expected mechanically. Downside: I just discovered these darn banding stripes on the LCC… Edit: Cross that comment. I now just looked at the files and it does look like ES in combination with an artificial light...