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  1. guphotography

    Did any one wonder....

    when phase one ends?
  2. guphotography

    Technical Camera Images

    What a striking shot, Carlos! I wonder, if it is possible, to position camera further to the right, so the canopy on the left does not clip the bottom of the window facade on the building to the left, then use shift to bring the mass to the centre of the frame? This is the magic of tech cam...
  3. guphotography

    Insurance for digital backs UK which should I use?

    I've been with Williamson Carson for the past few years, had two claims but that didn't affect premium much. I'm at the point of renewal soon, will start shop around, mainly due to recent upgrade to IQ4, also a total of three digital backs. Hiscox is another one a fellow photographer use...
  4. guphotography

    FS: Like new Cambo WRS 1250 tech cam with wooden grip

    happy easter everyone!
  5. guphotography

    FS: Like new Cambo WRS 1250 tech cam with wooden grip

    Photos to follow. Comes with case, arca foot, LED module. Asking £1900 plus postage at cost, will ship worldwide.
  6. guphotography

    WTB: Fujinon CM W 125mm 5.6 lens

    Looking for the aforementioned lens, preferrably late model in clean, sound working condition. Thank you.
  7. guphotography

    Angle of view for stitched photos
  8. guphotography

    Little review of Apo Digitar 5,6/100 mm

    This is the only iris mount lens in my R collection. Without using the helicoid, Arca has calibrated it for infinity at get go, the helicoid has become very useful when the subject is up close, gives you the extra reach to bring it into focus. With rotamount, there is no cut off at corners...
  9. guphotography

    Arca-Swiss F-Universalis with GFX: revised review published

    Hello Torsten, In short, a different camera (or more expensive one) wouldn't necessarily yield you better results. I'll share my two pence on camera systems first. Similar to Warren and yourself, I have used Sony alpha and Fuji gfx bodies with adapted lenses, before moving onto Universalis...
  10. guphotography

    Hasselblad 500 series camera strap with Phase One IQ backs

    Hi all, Which strap do you use with 500 bodies with IQ backs? The profile of the back sticks out on the right hand side, the eye on the leather strap can rub against side easily, is there an option can avoid this? I tried both the thin and wide versions of the orignial Hasselblad leather...
  11. guphotography

    Fun with MF images 2024

    Forest observation tower in Haslev, Southern Denmark. Hasselblad 503cw, 100mm, iq160
  12. guphotography

    IQ4150 power on fail.need help.

    That's not my experience, much will depend on the dealer themselves. I bought mine from a private seller in the US, when it had power issue, I contacted UK dealer Teamwork Photo, they asked me to send it in, and handled the rest of the repair directly with Phase One in Denmark. That is part of...
  13. guphotography

    Fun with MF images 2024

    first morning of the half term break, a much needed lie in turned into a pre dawn walk at 5.45am. naturally, light was pretty decent for an explore in the kommune of kongsmark strand, denmark. hasselblad 503cw | 100mm cf | iq160
  14. guphotography

    best affordable lenses for CFV 100c for tech cam use?

    What's the widest lens you can use on cambo actus? I know that with gfx body, 55mm is widest lens with cambo actus. If you can find a dealer to let you try both, that would give you a good idea on viewing experience, a lens shade or flag may be suffice for working in brightly lit conditions...
  15. guphotography

    best affordable lenses for CFV 100c for tech cam use?

    What focal length do you work with mostly? For wide, schneider digitar 35xl is currently your best bet, in terms performance, value for money for architectural work. Also 47xl, if you want something a little bit longer, those would have you covered for majority of the needs for architecture...
  16. guphotography

    Hello from NYC

    Welcome Dan, do show us your work!
  17. guphotography

    It is Finally Here, 907x 100c

    Jack of all cameras couldn't possibly know more than what they are paid to know.