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    Technical Camera Images

    Warren, These are sensational- thank you for sharing! Are these shot with electronic shutter or copal?
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    Hasselblad 24mm (or 25mm) f2.5V and 135mm f2.5V

    Matt, Without conducting any rigorous comparison - how does the 25v compare to the 28p? Thanks!
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    Fun with MF images 2024

    I really enjoy seeing what you can do with the 28p! While it might not have the same performance as the new 25v, the rendering, size, and price of the 28p really is impressive!
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    Small case for 100 x 150mm filter system

    I'm looking for a small case that can fit 2 - 3 100 x 150mm filters + holder (Kase system). It should be small enough to toss into a day bag. Any recommendations? Thanks!
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    Fun with MF images 2024

    Enjoying the Hostas before the deer do: Hasselblad 100C + Arca Swiss Universalis + Rodenstock Apo-Sironar Digital 150mm
  6. B0000114.jpg


  7. AS_R150


  8. AS_R150_TESTSTACK@0.33x.jpg

    [email protected]

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    Fun with MF images 2024

    First test with the 907x 100c + 55v:
  10. JCRA_4_20_24_0009.jpg


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    FS: Leica Apo Macro Elmarit R 100mm f/2.8

    I love this lens - it renders beautifully, is incredibly sharp and a joy to use. It almost covers the 44 x 33 sensor, though there is some slight vignetting. I'm moving away from the GFX system (which I adapted it to) and just can't justify holding onto the lens. Lens is in excellent condition...
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    Behind the scenes

    Steve and Will thank you both for the information.
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    Behind the scenes

    Excellent work, Will! Could you please share what the light and projection unit (?) you are using on the left? Additionally, what is the little stand you are using to hold the clear rod? Thanks!
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    Growing concern over availability of XCD (older style) and New V lenses

    As someone literally in the middle of purchasing Hasselblad equipment (from Steve - hope he doesn't mind me saying), I really hope Hasselblad doesn't continue down this path. Working with dealers adds a human element that is lost when ordering direct via e-commerce. This is expensive equipment...
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    X shutter alternatives in the future?

    What are the odds of a third party (Arca, Cambo, Alpa, etc.) developing an X shutter alternative for technical cameras? Currently, if you don't use a Phase back you are relegated to using Copal shutters (if available) or electronic shutter. In asking this question, I realize the answer is likely...
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    Fun with MF images 2024

    Beautiful, John! Would you mind sharing how you lit this shot? Thanks
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    It is Finally Here, 907x 100c

    This is unrelated to the current conversation, but can anyone speak to the battery life on the 907x 100c and how it compares to the prior model? One of the knocks on the 50c was lackluster battery life.
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    Using CFV 100 handheld

    Thank you all for your thoughtful replies and examples! This certainly gives me more confidence. Obviously, we each hold and use cameras differently and our degree of shake is individual (and Red Bull-dependent!!).
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    Using CFV 100 handheld

    For those who have the new CFV 100, does the lack of IBIS limit handheld use? My concern is that the high megapixel sensor is unforgiving and will show the slightest movement.