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  1. Rand47

    Arca Swiss D4 head variants?

    Horses for courses, to each his own, etc. I find the double-jaws of the Arca screw clamp very “kluge” feeling. And their flip-lock even worse. And I used to dislike the “idea” of lever clamps - until I used an RRS lever clamp. I’ve used them in all kinds of conditions, in some precarious...
  2. Rand47

    Arca Swiss D4 head variants?

    Another vote for the RRS lever clamp swap on the D4 (also did it with my Cube). None of the Arca clamps worked well for me, not due to fit problems, but due to fiddlyness. In my case, having been warned about the possibility of damage due to industrial strength locktite, I sent both of my...
  3. Rand47

    Camera bag for OG GFX100

    Billingham, probably 207. Rand
  4. Rand47

    Print Fotos Typ of Paper Recommendation

    Top three for me for satin type: Ilford Gold Fibre Gloss Epson Legacy Platine Canson Platine Fibre Rag (In some ways these papers are kissing-cousins.) Top other papers: Hahnemuhele Fine Art Baryta (lovely surface texture) Hahnemuhele Photo Rag Metallic (odd, luminescent paper for “some” images...
  5. Rand47

    Print not like screen

    Hahnemuehle Photo Rag Metallic is a very difficult paper to soft-proof. I don’t think any current software’s soft-proofing capability can replicate the luminance shift and color perception changes of this very specialized paper. For those of you who have not printed on this paper, don’t think...
  6. Rand47

    Fuji GFX 100 II focus speed

    The GFX “II” will definitely be better than the 50R. Whether it will cut the mustard for an active dog is another story. The animal tracking is pretty good “for medium format.” Before you spend a large wad of cash “to see” - why not rent one from LensRentals and confirm / or not, that it’s a...
  7. Rand47

    About to buy a GFX100S, need lens advice.

    If the weight/size and min aperture of the 45-100 is not a deal breaker, you’d be hard pressed to find a better lens for the kind of range you describe. OTOH, the 55 f/1.7 is stunning (and I hate the overuse of the word “stunning”). My personal favorite “walk about” lens is the 45 f/2.8 but...
  8. Rand47

    Alignment tools

    I use the focus peaking in my camera. I draw a “box” with thin but very distinct black fine line on a piece of paper. The size of the box is to scale of the item to be copied digitally. Then “low“ focus peaking in red is set. Then manual focus at widest aperture and adjust camera util the...
  9. Rand47

    Some issues with the GFX100 II

    Hi . . . I could, of course, be dead wrong and there might be something squirrely with your camera. But if I had to guess . . . (only because I can remember back when I first got my GFX 100 wondering what the heck was going on). Rand
  10. Rand47

    Some issues with the GFX100 II

    Re #1 above, when you have any of the focus assist "types" enabled you can cycle through them by pressing the rear command dial "in" as a button. I'll bet you've inadvertently done that. When it happens again, just press the rear command dial to cycle back to your preferred red. I have the...
  11. Rand47

    The great tripod & head thread!

    I used this stuff to wrap the ends: Silicone tape. Wraps tight, and self fuses. Carbon fibre legs “supposedly” are not as cold in the snow etc., as metal legs, but I’m here to tell you they are COLD...
  12. Rand47

    Good video on GFX100II on Lloyds site.

    Interesting video. No punches pulled. I have to agree that while the “The Second” is a fabulous camera in terms of fit and finish, the EVF, and in my case the very nice integration of the vertical grip (does not feel like an “add-on” piece), there’s no real improvement for someone whose main...
  13. Rand47

    Assigning a profile

    There’s a difference between assigning a profile, and “converting to profile.” If what DXO is doing is “converting to sRGB” then there is, indeed, no point in either assigning or converting back to a larger color space. Whatever colors were clipped/compressed upon DXO’s “process” (something...
  14. Rand47

    Wireless remote release for GFX100 II

    Does it come with a connection cord that is 3.5mm? The GFX 100 II has only 3.5mm port. Rand
  15. Rand47

    Wireless remote release for GFX100 II

    Well, I hate to tell you this, but as far as 2.5mm wired remote goes, you’re up a creek. And, while Fuji “had” brilliantly moved the remote release port to the right side of the camera body, they’ve now moved it back to the left side - to be trapped if you use an L-plate. AND, it is now...
  16. Rand47

    Free agent. X2D vs GFX

    For the use-case you describe, I don’t think you need a medium format camera at all. And certainly not 102 megapixels. Unless you exhibit your portraits and other work printed LARGE. Or . . . often have a need to crop pretty severely and still have enough resolution, say, for a 16x20” print...
  17. Rand47

    Size Comparison! Fujifilm GFX100 II v. GFX100S

    Yes, it is. As an interim move I bought the “set” for the GFX 100 and used the LCD protector. The top sub-LCD is much larger than either the original GFX 100 or 100s. I’ll have to wait for the kit that has the one for the top sub-LCD. Rand
  18. Rand47

    New Firmware for GFX 100 II (already!) Fuji has already released a firmware update for the new body. Looks like some potentially irritating behavior has been addressed. Rand
  19. Rand47

    Fujifilm GFX100 II Teaser Video

    Well, I contacted Really Right Stuff and got the equivalent of “crickets.” ”We’re evaluating the demand… yadda, yadda…” So, to me that means 6 months out if at all. As an interim move, ProMedia Gear’s universal L for gripped bodies will have to serve until / unless someone reputable comes out...
  20. Rand47

    PLEASE HELP! GFX 100S 2 days in rain.

    Dave, Delighted to see a relatively happy ending! Very glad things worked out. Rand