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  1. bab

    a1 firmware update 2.02

    on a different note one thing t he firmware hasn’t addressed to my knowledge is the dead battery. Sony A1 Achilles heel is the on off switch for me, usually I remove the battery before sticking it in my sling or backpack when I forget and go to turn on the camera the battery is sometimes dead...
  2. bab

    Will you be getting Capture One Studio?

    Marketing carried over from Phase One how well did that work? Were you happy with the new firmware updates and newer camera bodies or lenses if so....
  3. bab

    Dawn at the sea

    Left side of image to bright
  4. bab

    Growing concern over availability of XCD (older style) and New V lenses

    It might not be the old rules of Supply and Demand were as when demand increases supply increases and prices decrease. The current marketing strategy of supply chain management has been just like Ferrari and Rolex to decrease the supply, eliminating many dealers, and I have a long, waiting list...
  5. bab

    Cleaning clogged printer nozzles

    I had a great experience from an epson service provider for my P8000 for what I thought was a fair price 1000k they replace the head and all bad parts. A box of parts was shipped to my studio from Epson and the job took 4 hours (I don't think they made out) printer now works perfectly. Once the...
  6. bab

    Need help - looking for a workaround to get distortion correction for GF 30mm TS in Photoshop

    adapted wide angle filter PS does most of the heavy lifting
  7. bab

    Print Fotos Typ of Paper Recommendation

    Epson Legacy Platine can't go wrong with this paper as a start its a number one stock if your B&W is processed correctly and your not converting a color image to gray scale losing 2/3 of the data in the file.
  8. bab

    Leica SL3

    if there was an M12 with 9.5m EVF, flip screen and IBIS would you buy the BRICK SL3?
  9. bab

    X shutter alternatives in the future?

    Doesn't seem to me like someone couldn't manufacture an X shutter if the distribution for such was a prudent endeavor! Hasselblad, Area Swiss, Cambo and Alpa all had the same chance to market thier products with using technical lenses and an X shutter....My guess is it was either timing or...
  10. bab

    What do we want to see in the next generation of digital backs and MF cameras?

    A tri fold display with the resolution of the new phones would suffice
  11. bab

    It is Finally Here, 907x 100c

    Just like Sony cameras always dead when put in carrying bag loaded with battery (is it just my luck?)
  12. bab

    Thinking about the Hassi XCD2 plus 2-3 lenses

    if you don't need viewfinder information that's available on most other mirrorless cameras, don't need to set warning for blown highlights in viewfinder, don't use a B&W profile for the viewfinder, don't require a joystick and can live without most mirrorless comfort features the X2D is for you...
  13. bab

    (SOLD) Leica SL 75mm f/2

    sent you a pm
  14. bab

    im interested I live in NB any chance your coming this way anytime soon?

    im interested I live in NB any chance your coming this way anytime soon?
  15. bab

    CFV 100C?

    This is all too exciting to read and discuss but why don't they just put the needed finishing touches on the x2d-100c first?
  16. bab

    Broncolor tubes v phoxene

    maybe try to search out who makes the tubes for Bron Color that may offer you some clue, I use Broncolor and love it but yes its overpriced not just because its really good...its overpriced period.
  17. bab

    X2D new firmware 3.1.0

    Glad to see they are getting around to implementing some needed updates I'm still on standby until the camera/or newer version is read for prime time.
  18. bab

    Stitching for maximum resolution?

    I think this might help you get to where your wanting to go
  19. bab

    Hasselblad XCD 90mm V lens is shipping

    Would love to see a 100-110mm fast prime or/and also a 70-150mm zoom! Portrait's in mind.