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    A triptych, closely inspired by Francis Bacon's work

    This thread deserves more activity. Why do we buy all the fancy equipment, if we don't shoot enough nudes with it :)? To lead by example, I offer a triptych that I shot in 2022 with an experienced French model. I took inspiration from my favourite painting by Francis Bacon. The image is a result...
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    What Are You Using to Sharpen Images Now Days?

    I do the same. Sharpen in PS using High Pass, usually with Overlay blend mode. Invert the mask and paint the sharpened layer in where needed. Reduce opacity when the effect is too strong. File size being a disadvantage, with the extra layer.
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    FS: (EU) Hasselblad X2D 100c body (charger, 3 batts, L-bracket), XCD55V, XCD38V - all MINT or near MINT

    Selling the following items: (1) Hasselblad X2D 100c body, boxed, with charger for two batteries and two extra batteries (3 total), Peipro L-bracket (Arca compatible) asking price: €7,490 (items only sold together) (2) Hasselblad XCD55V (2058 shutter actuations) - asking €3,450 (3) Hasselblad...
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    Lens cap query makers and suppliers wanted

    I use the "K&F Concept" metal caps off Amazon for all front caps with threads. They sit firm (screwed on) so I know I can grab the lens quickly without the cap falling off (or staying in my hand, the lens flying..). As an added benefit, my Apo-Sironar-S 150 and my Fuji W 150 fit into the...
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    Architecture, Buildings, and Structures

    Castle Devin on the Slovakia / Austria border, the Danube in the foreground. M11M / 35 APO with yellow filter, shot at f16 (what diffraction...?)
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    Share your Tree Photos

    Another very windy and cold day on the lake.
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    [Found] WTB: Digital Back in AFI/HY6 Mount

    The company does not really exist anymore. I understand that Hans is out (poor health, his mobile number is switched off). His daughter Katarina (the CEO) apparently has no interest in continuing the company. There is still Rolf who can service the Hy6 bodies but he may be out of parts / not...
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    [Found] WTB: Digital Back in AFI/HY6 Mount

    Yes, the Hy6 with the 180mm SK Tele-Xenar, with a close-up ring, and the Credo 80 make an amazing combination for portraits. I also like the 45 deg finder when shooting portraits - it's not as much "camera in your face" like for instance the XF with the 150 BR. The 35 ISO is limiting and the...
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    [Found] WTB: Digital Back in AFI/HY6 Mount

    Yep, mine is the Credo 80 in Hy6 mount. Bought from Eric Hiss two years ago. These do not come for sale very often (most Credo 80s for sale are M645 mount). It is still awesome, especially the very quick and intuitive display / ergonomics.
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    [Found] WTB: Digital Back in AFI/HY6 Mount

    Hi, I sent you a PM. Credo 80 in Hy6 mount. Based in EU.
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    Live view support for Capture One for iPad / iPhone Version 2.3.0

    I've been using the same setup with Cascable. Before I delve into the specs, what benefits are there to using C1 Mobile vs. Cascable when shooting?
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    Growing concern over availability of XCD (older style) and New V lenses

    Oops, looks like I set off an avalanche this morning. I know the lens is listed as available in 2 days on the Hasselblad EU website but I am hesitant to buy it direct. Partly because I appreciate my dealer's support and also because it is an expensive item and I prefer to deal with a human being...
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    Growing concern over availability of XCD (older style) and New V lenses

    Just to add my two cents of information. Got feedback from my dealer today that the 90V lens is not available, there is no advice from Hasselblad as to likely shipping dates and there is a long waiting list. Looks like something is broken in the supply chain.
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    Architecture, Buildings, and Structures

    Kirche am Steinhof, also called the Church of St. Leopold, is the Roman Catholic oratory of the Otto-Wagner-Spital in the area of Steinhof in Vienna, Austria. The building, designed by Otto Wagner, is considered one of the most important Art Nouveau churches in the world. XT/IQ4150/32mm.
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    Can you explain what software is used to get this image

    Heavy frequency separation and dodge and burn in Photoshop is my guess.
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    Architecture, Buildings, and Structures

    Nuraghe near Arzachena, Sardinia, in 2019. Leica SL with 16-35 zoom.
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    Share your Tree Photos

    Pinus nigra (Austrian black pine). The "Sesselbäume" near Ternitz, Austria. Why somebody nailed a meaningless plaque saying "natural monument" directly into the bark is beyond me. This unusual growth form was created by human hands - the trees likely served as pasture fences when they were young...
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    Architecture, Buildings, and Structures

    The 1909 hydro power station at Puchberg am Schneeberg, Austria. Rodenstock 32mm on XT. Frame averaging to get fluffy water. Interesting trivia: the power station is one of the three oldest in Austria; it is still operating the original turbines (and its water usage permit is apparently tied to...
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    The Phase One XT 150mm HO-S SB Lens – First Impressions

    Looks like a wonderful lens, even though I preferred the single images shot with the 40mm lens to the stitched panos taken with the 150mm.
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    Architecture, Buildings, and Structures

    From today's walk to castle Seebenstein, Lower Austria (XT, 32mm). This frame was the only one where sunshine hit the gate in the forefront. Three hikers were approaching along the path from the castle just as the sun came out - I waved them through to hurry up away from the frame. They took my...