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  1. lance_schad

    phase one XC…

    We had the opportunity to use a pre-release unit (without a handle) and fitted a Cambo Viewfinder(with 24mm mask) in the cold shoe and it worked pretty well, anxious to try it out with the handle. We will have a review out shortly. Lance
  2. lance_schad

    Hello you mentioned that you were possibly looking for an IQ4-150 Achro in one of your posts.I...

    Hello you mentioned that you were possibly looking for an IQ4-150 Achro in one of your posts.I have access to one with under 145 captures and a few years of VA left on it. If you are interested let me know. Btw I enjoy the information you share on the forum, Lance
  3. lance_schad

    C1 for iPad announces tethering for all currently supported cameras (EXCEPT PHASE ONE)

    The information that I received was that they were migrating to a new server and they ran into some unexpected issues. I agree they should have had a single page displayed informing people of why their site is down. Lance
  4. lance_schad

    Phase One Achromatic digital backs - links on the web

    Here is a video review that Ted Forbes did a few years back on the IQ3-100 Achromatic. He , Rod Clark (Wine Country Filters) and David Brookover took it out for a weekend. Ted Forbes IQ3-100 Achromatic Video Lance
  5. lance_schad

    FS: ALPA 12SWA and P45 system

    Roberto, Sorry but this was an old post you had found. Good luck in your search for the a P45+, it is still a great back. Just be aware you will not be able to use it tethered with any modern day computer/operating system. BR, Lance
  6. lance_schad

    Found: Schneider 120mm f/5.6 APO-Digitar ASPH

    Sorry but this lens is no longer available stand alone from DT. It is only available bundled with the DTRcam-X camera system.
  7. lance_schad

    RE: mounting Mamiya 645 IQ140 digital back on Hasselblad V system?

    No, there are no adapters to adapt a back to the v-series, but if you are looking to use V-series lenses there is a lens adapter to the Mamiya/P1 bodies which works well.
  8. lance_schad

    Size difference: Cambo WRS-1200 vs WRC-400

    Here is a chart which you may find useful to compare the sizes of Arca-Swiss,Cambo and Phase One XT size comparisons. Hope this helps. Lance
  9. lance_schad

    Mini-review of Phase One SK 80/2.8 BR Mark II vs. SK 80/2.8 BR (original)

    David thanks for sharing your review. It is confirmed that AFr works with 80mm MK II with new XF firmware. L
  10. lance_schad

    Rodenstock 138mm Float

    For those interested David Shedlarz published on his website that includes some commentary and sample images from his experiences shooting with the Rodenstock 138 on the XT in South East Asia. It's an awesome lens Victor, enjoy! Lance
  11. lance_schad

    Phase One X-Shutter Expansion program is officially announced

    As of today October 6,2020 the Phase One X_Shutter ( the digital COPAL 0 replacement) that has been exclusive to the the (5) native Phase One XT lens panels has been expanded to include the remounting of most current Schneider and Rodenstock lenses in either the Cambo RS/DS & XT compatible lens...
  12. lance_schad

    Rm3d factum

    If you are located in the US please reach out we have a variety of Cambo and Arca systems available for rental. Lance
  13. lance_schad

    Rm3d factum

    We have on our website a Lens Visualizer interactive tool that you may find useful HERE. You can compare a variety of lenses and sensor sizes. Lance
  14. lance_schad

    Phaseone Blue ring lens and silver ring lens

    Here is an article we published a little while ago reviewing / rating lenses for the Phase One IQ4-150MP that you may find useful. Lenses for 150 Megapixels Lance
  15. lance_schad

    Webinar with David Shedlarz , Blazing Editions and DT

    There has been some recent interest on the forum about the upcoming Rodenstock 138mm HR lens, Wine Country Filter systems, XT and other Phase One related quality interests and this upcoming webinar will have David Shedlarz talking about his first hand experiences and images and more. I would...
  16. lance_schad

    P1 substantially increasing prices

    I agree the title of this thread is misleading. The new pricing and offers will be public after June 1. Lens price increases are not something new to the photo community, other manufacturers in the recent years have had them (some a few times), where as P1's pricing has remained the same on...
  17. lance_schad

    Update on Project Lemonade Webinar Series

    Today Tuesday May, 12 @ 2:30pm EST we have SPECIAL GUEST: Peter Steinhauer speaking about the The Versatility of the Phase One Digital Photography Platform. He will be sharing his work and speaking about his experiences with the XT/IQ4 and also Film Scanning with the DT Atom/Rcam/IQ4-150. Link...
  18. lance_schad

    Phase One XT users happy (eg re shift)

    Here is article that David Shedlarz posted about his experiences using the IQ4/XT on one of his recent trips. A behind the scene look at the Phase One XT Camera System Lance
  19. lance_schad

    Update on Project Lemonade Webinar Series

    Reminder tomorrow we have a great Webinar lined up for tomorrow: Tuesday April, 28 @ 11:00AM EST SPECIAL GUEST: Lau Nogaard (Phase One) Past, Present, & Future of Phase One along with Doug Peterson Hosting Tuesday May 5 SPECIAL GUEST: Steven Friedman Seeing Landscapes – The Creative Process...