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  1. glenerrolrd

    Mac Studio

    What display did you settle on ? I am impatiently waiting for Eizo new 27" inch display due out in October .
  2. glenerrolrd

    New Film Company in Atlanta!!! With new film!

    Dave Have you used either of the Atlanta Labs (Dunwoody or Kodak ) for developing and scanning services . I assume you are developing your own black and white film but them how are you scanning the negatives . Roger
  3. glenerrolrd

    Sharpest paper?

    You should ask this question at Luminous Landscape and Photo XL forums . I want the best all around paper for printing 13x19 black and white . I grew up in darkroom literally and my father sold DuPont Velour Black I am very familiar with air dried F papers . I prefer the Epson papers...
  4. glenerrolrd


    I photograph things that make me happy
  5. glenerrolrd


    Having been a big fan of professional tennis my whole life , I await the beginning of Wimbledon each year . I always say ...we should go back again ..but we never do . I have been to Wimbledon 6 times and it was easier when I could expense those tickets ! Those were in the day that clients...
  6. glenerrolrd

    Formal bag for MF gear

    As I mentioned earlier have to determine how the bag will performed when carried and work back to the equipment decision . I found the attached Todd bag by accident today . You can see the format 8x10x2 is near perfect as a formal carry bag . Has to be thin to look right with your Tux...
  7. glenerrolrd

    Street Shooting Style - Be Original ?

    Keith we just disagree on this perspective . The capture ...was based on seeing these dogs run down the steps every morning at exactly 7AM for years . They run every day to the point behind me and back to the owner waiting in the background fro their treat . I knew they would be coming fast...
  8. glenerrolrd

    Thinking about GFX

    You may want to test cropping verse using the extender . Have seen tests on YouTube that show you maybe better off cropping that 100MP file rather than using the extender . Shooting sports with my Leica Sl2-S ...I sometimes go to an APS C setting to get a 1.5X effective field of view . Sure...
  9. glenerrolrd

    Street Shooting Style - Be Original ?

    Bart I think you are correct but at the same time ..I think the signature can be subtle . I am not interested in being different just for the sake of being identifiable . I found the photo of my intent .....came from a Holiday collection I did in NYC years ago . I strongly favor HCB...
  10. glenerrolrd

    Street Shooting Style - Be Original ?

    Bart You have me there . My website lapsed and was lost . I need a new one .
  11. glenerrolrd

    Street Shooting Style - Be Original ?

    Yes of course I have a style . The discussion point was ...Does it need to be unique be considered good . Most professionals would tell us that unless you have recognizable ..signature style one will hire them . Thus the desire to find something different or unique . When I go...
  12. glenerrolrd

    Street Shooting Style - Be Original ?

    Ok I think the word style is close enough and simple to understand by most . My question and its personal to each photographer far should you go to be unique and why does it matter ? Let me provide a few examples of photographers I follow and what appears to be unique about their...
  13. glenerrolrd

    Street Shooting Style - Be Original ?

    To be noticed in as a Street Photographer(or really any type of photographer ) seems you need a identifiable style . Since I am primarily a street photographer (getting close to 200 000 street photographs )...I can only speak to STREET . When I look at Instagram and the street...
  14. glenerrolrd

    Apple Pro Display verse Eizo CG319x

    After some great advice from this forum ..I now have a strategy of sort to proceed . My target post processing environment will be the Apple Mac Studio M1 ,the Eizo CG2700X and probably a Sony OLED Wall Tv ..(55 0r 65 Inch ) . This could change if I decide to go for a dual monitor approach ...
  15. glenerrolrd

    Leica MP - Black Paint or Chrome

    Purchased a number of new Leica products from M&K Kamera in Hong Kong without any issues . They are also recommended by T. Overgaard as one of his dealers . They have a request process to notify you of new items when they arrive . Leica USA dealers are all maintaining a wait lists with no...
  16. glenerrolrd

    M11 Images

    Sorry I just saw this question . No question that precise auto focus with AF tracking is the way to go for sports . I now have a Nikon Z9 ,the new 70-200/2.8 S and someday the 400/2.8 S (if it ever arrives ). Previously I was using the Nikon D5 . However it depends on the sport . I ve...
  17. glenerrolrd

    Apple Pro Display verse Eizo CG319x

    I may take a different approach for viewing my images in HDR on wall mounted panel 55 inch .
  18. glenerrolrd

    Apple Pro Display verse Eizo CG319x

    After reading the Eizo materials and watching the YouTube videos on the apple pro display ...I think the new 27 cg2700X would be the best fit . I would rather have the 31 inch size but I am not sure it matters . I work on a 27 iMac 5K and its plenty large enough for my photography . I like...
  19. glenerrolrd

    Apple Pro Display verse Eizo CG319x

    Tech Talk Thank you so much for the information and insights . Its apparent to me that the more serious you are about color management and printing .....the more you should go with the Eizo . Superior fine tuning of your color management process really favors the Eizo . I think the Apple...
  20. glenerrolrd

    Apple Pro Display verse Eizo CG319x

    This is constant with any information I have been able to find . Production environments require a consistency often across multiple work staton /dispalys . Eizo /Nec seem to be favored for their better(easier to use and super accurate ) hardware calibration . Apple Pro Displays are typically...