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  1. MGrayson

    Leaf shutter lens adapter possible?

    I guess that's what LCC's are good for.
  2. MGrayson

    Leaf shutter lens adapter possible?

    One mild theoretical problem with a leaf shutter: Unless the shutter is placed adjacent to the aperture blades, it would cause vignetting as it opened and closed. Or to put it another way, the aperture blades are placed at the position where closing the aperture affects every part of the image...
  3. MGrayson

    FS - Mamiya (Phase One) APO 300mm f4.5 lens

    With electrical contacts to set aperture? I'm impressed!
  4. MGrayson

    FS - Mamiya (Phase One) APO 300mm f4.5 lens

    If only there were an adapter for this marvelous lens to other medium format systems. It's half the weight of the 300/2.8 APO!
  5. MGrayson

    Hasselblad XCD 28P

    Pages 66 and 73 of the Phocus User Guide (v25) describes the Modify function which accomplishes this.
  6. MGrayson

    XCD 21/4 for night sky photography

    I just tested this with the X2D and it seems to still be the case. I didn't know about this feature and it is certainly useful! Matt
  7. MGrayson

    Phocus virtual copy or clone variant

    I don't know the answer to your question, but you *can* save different sets of adjustments for a given capture and switch back and forth among them. That isn't the same as having two versions visible, of course, and I don't know if that is possible.
  8. MGrayson

    Behind the scenes

    They don’t cover anything over f/11?
  9. MGrayson

    Does IBIS come at a price?

    I may have given the mistaken impression that I am critical of IBIS. I LOVE it and couldn't use a modern camera without it. For me, 75% of its value is for stabilizing the camera while manually focusing in magnified view. Clean high ISO will let us take short exposures to avoid camera shake -...
  10. MGrayson

    Ricoh GR III

    Wow, @lookbook, great images. This camera must win the quality to size ratio. It's the Mamiya 7 of the APS-C world. A friend just got one and is in love. He shoots Leica S and SL for work, but has always wanted a good pocketable. His first discovery with it - street photography is hard :LOL:. Matt
  11. MGrayson

    Your favourite “bang for the buck” lenses

    I truly do not understand sunbathing. I burst into flames in direct sunlight.:oops:
  12. MGrayson

    Your favourite “bang for the buck” lenses

    Ok. Here's the 19,000 pixel wide panorama with the Mamiya 50 shifted 15mm each way and centered. The camera was dead level, hence the lovely composition :rolleyes:. I wanted to shift the Mamiya as far as it would go left-right. And the XCD 28 cropped to match. There is some geometric...
  13. MGrayson

    Your favourite “bang for the buck” lenses

    Don’t get me wrong it is NOT as good as a modern lens, but it’s better than a cropped 28mm scaled up. The 28 is a lot easier to use! (this is my second 50/4 shift, and it IS much better than my first one)
  14. MGrayson

    Your favourite “bang for the buck” lenses

    I always wonder, given high pixel counts, whether or not an old shift lens is better than cropping a new lens. I just took out an XCD 28 and a Mamiya 645 50 Shift and compared a 10,000 pixel wide crop to a 19,000 pixel wide 3 shot pano. Pics taken at f/8 and f/11. In the center, the Mamiya...
  15. MGrayson

    Thoughts on using the Pentax 67 55-100mm for architectural/interior work on the current 100mp sensors

    I have the Pentax 67 55-100, but have not used it with shift (I don't have that adapter). The Mamiya 645 50mm shift lens is quite good and a lot smaller and lighter. I use them on the Hassy X2D, so similar resolution. I just tried out the 55-100 again and it has a lot of CA in the OOF areas...
  16. MGrayson

    Does IBIS come at a price?

    :LOL: Indeed, you are correct. If the lens moves or rotates, NO motion of the sensor can create an identical image. (Correction - if the camera rotates around the lens's optical axis, then the sensor just needs to rotate the other way. But that's IT!) If the lens's entrance pupil(?), (whatever...
  17. MGrayson

    Using pre-2022 Leica Lenses on M10R and M11 series

    I've kept four M lenses. 35, 50, and 75 Summicrons, all from 10-20 years ago, and a 50 Summilux V1. Here's why: Yeah, I never could focus a rangefinder...
  18. MGrayson

    Could an M11x do frame averaging like the IQ4150?

    Without sitting down with a hardware engineer I can't be 100% positive, but the algorithm is very simple and fast and takes only a single frame buffer - it just has to be done over many pixels. It's massively parallel, so the right hardware could do it instantly. I don't see why it hasn't been...
  19. MGrayson

    X1d e-shutter quite usable.

    Many thanks! And now, I've joined the 21st century! My first computer generated YouTube video. Sample frane: Matt
  20. MGrayson

    X1d e-shutter quite usable.

    Apologies for the too-rapid exposition. I was trying to derive the answer rather than explain it, and the derivation was a bit on the sneaky side - setting up one side of the equation in polar coordinates (where it is simple) and the other in Cartesian (where it is simple). Fan blades are well...