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    Positive feedback for Hel

    I bought a hard-to-find lens hood fro Hel in an international sale. Terrific price, superior packaging, fast shipping. I would buy from him again in a heartbeat.
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    I made an international purchase of a hard-to-find lens shade fro Hel. Terrific price, superior...

    I made an international purchase of a hard-to-find lens shade fro Hel. Terrific price, superior packaging, and fast service. Also good communication. I would buy from him again in a heartbeat.
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    Leica M11M learning curve

    This is beautiful, Doc.
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    Leica M11M learning curve

    Sorry. I meant Lightroom and Photoshop.
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    Leica M11M learning curve

    Lightroom and Facebook. I didn't have much of a learning curve with M10M nor M11 either, but it's taking longer with the M11M. I'd love to go back to C1, but they aren't Hasselblad friendly and the X2D is my primary rig.
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    Leica M11M learning curve

    I was disappointed with the 3 dozen images I brought back, not with the camera. I think it's a different beast than the M10M (or M11 for that matter). I got cocky and treated it as a M10M with a bigger sensor and better ISO controls. Now, as with the M9M, I see I'm going to have to take it...
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    Leica M11M learning curve

    My M11M arrived on Saturday: put on a lens, dialed in my usual settings and started shooting. What a disappointment. I've used the previous three models of Monochrom extensively, but this one has (for me) the steepest learning curve since the M9M. Moving from the M10r to M11 was a piece of...
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    Nice Leica M246 Monochrom with extras

    Selling my black M246 Monochrom with Thumbs UP, extra battery, and very useful handgrip. Includes original inner and outer boxes, manuals, and charger. I will pay for domestic shipping to approved PayPal address and fees. Price: $3000
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    Leica Summicron-M 35mm F/2 Asph, $2300

    Nice copy of a 1997 Summicron, black, made in Germany, 6-bit coded, with original hood and end caps. Serial # 3785xxx. I will pay for domestic shipping to approved PayPal address and fees. Price $2300.
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    xcd 38 experiences, and compared to 30 and 45

    I had not used the 30mm, one of my favorite XCD lenses, since I received the 38v and 55v and X2D a few months ago...until last weekend, where I had an interior shoot and used it a lot. Two observations. 1) I had forgotten how LOUD these earlier lenses are. It was a little jarring at first...
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    2 Second Delay vs. IBIS - a test of the X2D on a tripod

    "This would all be beside the point if we had a remote release!" Not really. As I mentioned elsewhere, I carried the release for both earlier versions of the X camera and didn't use it once in six years. The delay was always adequate for my needs. The more relevant test, for me at least, would...
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    2 Second Delay vs. IBIS - a test of the X2D on a tripod

    Maybe I'm missing something, but I'm pretty sure the manual is explicit about turning IBIS OFF when the camera is on a tripod as it produces unsharp images. That being said, even I wouldn't attempt a 4-second shot handheld, and I'm a passionate believer in the new IBIS.
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    Camera/Lens for Washington DC Cherry blossoms

    Don't forget to spend time at both the Roosevelt and MLK Memorials nearby. Both special, both festooned with color this time of year. By the way, I HAVE been kicked out of the Roosevelt Memorial several times for using a tripod. Technically, it is allowed, but not worth fighting that battle.
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    Camera/Lens for Washington DC Cherry blossoms

    I shoot mostly with digital medium format and use a variety of focal lengths. You can't go wrong with 35 or 50 equivalents, though it really depends on your style of work. Shallow depth of field with those blossoms close up are pretty nice too. Yes, that is precisely the location I head to...
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    Camera/Lens for Washington DC Cherry blossoms

    I have been photographing cherry blossoms around the Tidal Basin for the better part of two decades. Your problem is not permission to use your tripod, but the crowds. The place is virtually bristling with tripods, and monopods and wheel chairs and and strollers, and slow photographers with...
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    New Review of X2D by Capture Integration

    Oh, and thank you for this terrific shakedown report, Steve. I think a lot of us were waiting for your review.
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    New Review of X2D by Capture Integration

    "Yes, in dynamic situation, depending on the situation and how well the action can be anticipated, a self-timer may not work well." Well, I always used cable releases for my Hasselblad H cameras, and bought the cable release for the X1D when I first got the camera. I never unsealed the package...
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    Finally found "the" backpack for my IQ4 and Hassy system...

    I'll look at this, but I must say that it took me a couple of dozen bags and many years to find the Mindshift 26L for my Hs and now X2d camera system, so it will take a lot to dethrone it.
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    CFexpress type b cards with the X2d-100c

    I just returned from a trip to the Near East and used one OWC 512gb card for the entire two weeks. I've read that this brand and size are not recommended, but I experienced no problems. These cards are fast and cheap. Of course, I backed up every day, and carried a couple of smaller SanDisk...
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    X2D questions, comments, tips

    I haven't gotten particularly brave with my X2d yet, but I took both versions of my X1D out in driving rain or snow and dust all day. I never had any issue with the camera or lenses, though I was careful about condensation going from AC to summer heat or winter cold to heated indoors. For that...