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  1. Ebe

    New Mat Cutting Calculator

    Today I uploaded a new version of my Mat Calculator ( Kmat.exe ) and removed the 3 year old version. It is now a "Windows GUI Program" The graphical interface let me include scaled drawing of the mat-boards and art-photo area from the input data. You can see what the project will look like...
  2. Ebe

    Calculator for Matting

    New Link Change in hosting location: New Link
  3. Ebe

    Canon New Camera and Lens

    Before my coffee this morning ! Nice The 4:3 aspect ratio should have been the clue.
  4. Ebe

    Calculator for Matting

    Today I made a small calculator for cutting mat-boards. It is small, fast, and versatile. It might meet all your matting needs. The program is free! I programed it in C++, for 32-bit windows. It runs fine on 64-bit or 32-bit, Win-7. It should run in Vista, Win-XP, Win-7, and Win-8. Link to...
  5. Ebe

    Accuracy of Digital Horizon

    I thought all photographers are off at least half a bubble.
  6. Ebe

    Photoshop goes subscription only

    PhotoLine / "" Download and give it a try! I purchased it because it does a few things I need better than PS. I use both PS and PL32 depending on what I need to do. It does involve some retraining and lacks some of the power of PS. It cost only a fraction the money, loads a...
  7. Ebe

    Fun with MF images - ARCHIVED - FOR VIEWING ONLY

    Don; This is the first picture taken with the Gitzo I just purchased from you.
  8. Ebe

    Fun with MF images - ARCHIVED - FOR VIEWING ONLY

    Took some pictures the other day and thought this one would look good B&W. DF/80,IQ140,Silver-Efx
  9. Ebe

    Positive Feedback

    Seller: Symbolphoto Aka: Brendan Buyer: Ebe (me) Items: Canon 7D Canon BG-E7 Battery Grip RRS: L-Bracket for 7D with grip "Highly Recommended" Transaction was flawless, Items as described. Fast shipping, great communication, well padded. All items were in original boxes...
  10. Room #9

    Room #9

  11. Ebe

    Positive Feedback

    Seller: Don Libby Aka: Iron Creek Photography Buyer: Ebe (me) Item: Gitzo Carbon 6X GT5540LS "Highly recommended" person to buy equipment from. Transaction was flawless, Items as described. Fast shipping, great communication, and well padded. I now have a lifetime supply of green styrofoam...
  12. Ebe

    Used Photo Gear Search Engine...

    I purchased two items this week, from just the GetDpi Forum. Just think how fast I can empty my wallet with this search tool. Very Nice !!
  13. Ebe

    No love for the IQ280 ?

    Whats wrong with sand and rocks?
  14. Ebe

    Phase One IQ260, IQ280, and Achromatic - 11 Things to Know

    I bet Ken or Don have one before Guy
  15. Ebe

    Any recommended photographic equipment insurance provider

    Recommended photographic equipment insurance I have insurance for my photography equipment with: Tom C. Pickard & Company Located in Southern California, USA Web: TCP Phone: 1-800-726-3701 E-Mail: [email protected] Thankfully I've not had to make a claim! When I was looking this...
  16. Ebe

    Any good printer ink supplier recommendations?

    +1 Shades of Paper
  17. Ebe

    New Digital 645 Pro

    For emulation similar to a 645 Digital Camera the application will need to lock up the camera and require removing batteries for a couple of minutes to restore things.:deadhorse:
  18. Ebe

    Exposure Target - C1

    From the Phase One Blog: Adjustments by Numbers 2011 February « The Image Quality Professor's Blog 3/4 down the page.
  19. Ebe

    Just saw this on printing and resolution. Brilliant.

    +1 A Qimage user and fan
  20. Ebe

    Chuckwalla Lizard

    Chuckwalla Lizard basking on lava boulders. ("Fossil Falls", Inyo County, California) 5D, 400mm/5.6-L, 200-ISO, 1/250th, F-9) 5D, 400mm/5.6L, 200-ISO, 1/200th, F-11)