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  1. Shashin

    What is image quality? What does it really mean?

    Or a photograph can have zero emotional impact and be highly unsuccessful as a photograph, yet have great technical "image quality".
  2. Shashin

    What is image quality? What does it really mean?

    But technical reviews do not do that. There is no measurement of the characteristics of the original subject and how the imaging system transformed that. It always comes down to how the tester perceives the result based on their own subjective interpretation, usually after some post processing.
  3. Shashin

    What is image quality? What does it really mean?

    And that is the problem with the term quality. Does it mean characteristics or value? Is it objective or subjective? And in what sense is it objective? For example, we have a problem if you are evaluating the sharpness of a 100MP image at 100% monitor view. We can reduce the question solely to...
  4. Shashin

    What is image quality? What does it really mean?

    Go to any museum of photography and you will understand what image quality means. Collectively, it is not fixed nor definable. Image quality for a particular photographer is the aesthetic result of that photographer's process. On a technical level, it is the measurable factors in an image...
  5. Shashin

    Swing aesthetics

    It don't mean a thing, if it ain't got no swing...
  6. Shashin

    Das Wesentliche … 🤑

    But I have an APS-C size sensor. Why is it so hard to find a wide super-duper-telephoto for small sensor cameras?
  7. Shashin

    More on Diffraction - Why is it There?

    Which is kind of neat. (Imagine that our ancestors were already worrying about defraction in anticipation of the invention of photography decades later!)
  8. Shashin

    Behind the picture: share your thinking

    This is an interesting idea. This is from a series I took of Tokyo when I returned to the city for about a month. I had lived in Tokyo for about 10 years but I needed to return to take these images. Before returning to Tokyo, I had been doing a lot of natural landscape work in Maine. I wanted to...
  9. Shashin

    Ageing photographers and the weight. Simplicate and add lightness.

    So I have been through this dilemma several times. Obviously, it is hard to give a definitive answer. I have certainly had my share of cameras. Have I ever found that perfect camera that was the only one I ever needed? Yes, several times. For me, there is a balance between the ease of using a...
  10. Shashin

    Fun with Nikon Images 2024 - while it still works!!!

    That is called Bokeh and it is art! (I have made a lot of art... ;) )
  11. Shashin

    Behind the scenes

    And here I was thinking I just mounted my lens upside-down on my view camera...
  12. Shashin

    Camera porn - show us your gear!

    The "problems" we can always live with, like too much money and too much time... :LOL:
  13. Shashin

    Camera porn - show us your gear!

    For digital: When I shot film:
  14. Shashin

    Do you long to transition from MFD to LF?

    I did some 4x5 and 8x10 larger-format photography. The results can be very satisfying. However, it was just too slow and bulky for the way I work. For me MF gave what I needed in terms of quality plus the flexibility to do different kinds of photography. The other thing I liked about MF was the...
  15. Shashin

    The world's largest digital camera

    Obviously, for checking feline life on other planets. We want to know where the Egyptian cat goddesses originated from.
  16. Shashin

    The world's largest digital camera

    But only using CCDs. The Biggest Digital Camera Ever Made: 6,600 Pounds and 3,200 Megapixels I would not consider anything without a global (universal?) shutter and a panorama mode. I wonder if an AS Cube can handle it?
  17. Shashin

    Olympics 2024--what's your game?

    I agree, there are so many sports that are really pretty amazing that don't get the spotlight. I think the trick is finding where to watch them.
  18. Shashin

    What F-Stop range do you use

    I don't have any f/1.4 or f/2.0 medium format lenses, so I tend not to use those apertures. For landscape, I am in the f/11-f/16 range. For other things off a tripod, then aperture becomes part of the exposure equation. I then can be biasing toward a specific shutter speed. But then, I am happy...