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  1. rfaspen

    M9 Black for sale

    Of course its sold! That was a heck of a deal for somebody...
  2. rfaspen

    Positive Feedback

    Seller: Phil / fotoism Buyer: me / Jeff / rfaspen Items: Two transactions: 1st: Visoflex focus mount, Bellows II 39mm adapter. 2nd: micro-Visoflex III Both transactions were great. Shipping from Canada (to Oregon) was really quite fast, well-packed, and all gear was exactly as expected...
  3. rfaspen

    Massive Telyt and Visoflex sale: Part 2 (Lots 10-16)

    Received a few items from the Massive Telyt and Visoflex sale. Wonderful stuff, quick to arrive (even from Canada) and I couldn't be happier. Thanks Phil!
  4. rfaspen

    Massive Telyt and Visoflex sale: Part 2 (Lots 10-16)

    Interested perhaps. I've been casually on the lookout for a standard Viso III. I don't know anything about the Micro Viso III, other than I can see in the photos that there is a focusing screen drawer. Can you use all the usual Viso III components on the Micro Viso III? In other words, the...
  5. rfaspen

    Massive Telyt and Visoflex sale: Part 2 (Lots 10-16)

    I have bellows and lenses, but sure would like to find a nice Viso III all by itself (odd that I have all the trimmings, but no goose). Prices here are quite good -- I almost went for the Viso III + bellows even though I already have a bellows unit. ...But I hesitated. Someone got a nice...
  6. rfaspen

    FS: Leica M6J w/matching 50mm f/2.8 Elmar-M Set

    Gorgeous! :toocool:
  7. rfaspen

    FS; Leica MDa, Leica Viewfinder 21/24/28 #12013

    I missed the last one of these on RFF. Kind of neat. I'll watch this one... Could be fun.
  8. rfaspen

    Leica Summicron 35mm ver.4 and 50mm v.5 in LTM For Sale

    Oh, that LTM summicron has been on my list for quite a while. Unfortunately, another prize item has my eye and the penny-saving is going towards that. If this were just a few months ago..... I'm sure there's someone out there who can appreciate this lens for what it is. The price seems good...
  9. rfaspen

    Leica M9-P black

    ....if I could just make a few more sales.... Nice looking gear. We'll see if it's here when I finally raise the cash.
  10. rfaspen

    FS: Konica UC-Hexanon 35mm f/2 LTM Lens

    I don't know if its price or lack of familiarity with this lens. I'm just surprised its still here. Perhaps some examples here or a link to examples from this lens? Maybe a link to Dante's review. I honestly don't know what the appropriate price for this lens would be, but it seems right to...
  11. rfaspen

    FS: Konica UC-Hexanon 35mm f/2 LTM Lens

    I don't think people understand what we're dealing with here. I'm overflowing with 35mm right now, but I'm still tempted by this. Honestly, this will compete with any Leitz offering in 35, *and* you can use it on a Barnack, or a Bessa R, or ...? But put it on an M (film or digital) and be...
  12. rfaspen

    FS: Konica UC-Hexanon 35mm f/2 LTM Lens

    Oh.....I want one all right. I just have to make decisions where the limited lens budget can go. A truly sweet lens that can go on your screwmount bodies as well as your M's. I suppose there are people out there with other mirrorless systems...this lens can play with them too. Such great...
  13. rfaspen

    FS:RARE-6 bit coded Leitz Summaron 35/2.8

    ^^^ This is a beautiful lens. Someone has to affirm that.
  14. rfaspen

    EVERYONE BEWARE: Someone is definitely trying to hack accounts

    This is extremely sad and irritating. I'm curious what these criminals would want with my account? Where's the value? I know its fantasy....but it would be great if we could send a "zap" right back at those creeps and fry their computer. I'm sure it would work in the movies :rolleyes: BTW...
  15. rfaspen

    WTB: Leitz Milar 8cm and Summar 100mm

    Perhaps people are confused about what you're seeking? I think you're looking for micro/macro lenses. I know there's a Leitz projector lens called the Milar (and I think its 80mm too). I'm afraid I don't have either of these old micro lenses. Good luck!
  16. rfaspen

    Stolen M8 reappeared ....

    This is worrisome on many levels. I'm not convinced the "german dealer" is being honest. That alone makes me recoil. While many of us can survive a theft of this kind, it is not a victimless crime. I, for one, have had to work very, very hard to be able to purchase my Leica gear. The...
  17. rfaspen

    28 Cron, GH2, Tokina 11-16 EF, UV-IRs

    PM sent: filter grab bag.
  18. rfaspen

    Filters UV/IR and UVa, Leica, B+W, Heliopan

    PM coming your way -- 43mm UVIR