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Can you explain what software is used to get this image


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She did respond to me and said it was NOT. PS was the software she used. I dont use PS just LR Classic. Thank you


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The young woman depicted is very idealised.
It would be interesting to find out from the creator what percentage she thinks this work is true to the person.
I don't think it has much to do with photography ...


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Your question is interesting, but the best is to find one's own style and signature.
It's not given to anybody (including me !!).

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Personally, I call it Art.🙂

I like it, some don’t. Perhaps that makes me a non-purist, but I enjoy seeing others’ images created in the way they see it.


Jorgen Udvang

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It's already nearly impossible to define what is AI and what is not. Many of the tools in PS are AI based, and many AI creations are based on actual photos. While this particular image may be based on a photo, it looks more like AI than many images presented as AI.

The best way to become able to make this kind of image is to learn PS properly. It takes time, but it's rewarding. I recommend Photoshopcafe (no affiliation), but there are many very good YouTube channels to choose from:

Now I see that Barbara MacFerrin actually has tutorials on her YouTube channel. Good place to start. And yes, you do need Photoshop, but since you use Lightroom, you already pay for it, don't you?


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I am NOT good at PS so I have used LR Classic. Too many steps to do in PS. So, I will pass on trying to get some of my portraits to look like this. Thank you everyone


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To help you reach this objective, you should consider watching a tutorial on Modern Fine Art Portraiture on YouTube.


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that's just a lot of manual processing through PS - once you know what you are in for, you can speed it up a bit and keep consistent by creating actions and saving your brushes / presets.
The painterly look can be obtained by manual retouching / painting over on the tablet with a pen and the painted background further increases that look.
Once you are fluent with retouching, you can then choose the style you want.
The automated solutions, ready-made software or plugins are quite bad.
For good results, you need to learn how to retouch and there is a lot of courses available.


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or pay to take a course with her, and then practice, practice, practice.