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FS: Phase One XF Gear DISCOUNTED (XF HAP-1, Waist-level VF, 35mm, 55mm, 80mm, 150mm)


I am selling the following Phase One XF kit:

Phase One XF Camera (HAP-1, ~5400 mirror count, ~8000 focal plane shutter count): $2200 $1800

Waist-level finder $350

Phase One V-Grip (9+): $350 (SOLD)

Schneider 35mm LS 3.5 BR (8+): $2350 $1800 - paint loss on a few parts

Schneider 55mm LS 2.8 (9+): $600 $400 (SOLD)

Schneider 80mm LS f2.8 (9+): $200 $100 (SOLD)

Schneider 150mm LS 3.5 (8): $400 $50 - sometimes the focus ring has issues moving properly, physical condition is excellent. no returns for this one, sold as is. (SOLD)

All prices negotiable.


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