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Fun with Sony Cameras 2024


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This is parade preparation for the Vicrory Day on May 9th. We have it every year since we won WWII in 1945. This is our biggest holiday. And yes, the parade is beautiful and it is fun. War is not, trust me, my both grand fathers participated in that war. Please, don't tell me what is fun.
And don't get me started on the current situation...
Don't worry Alex , no political discussion in this forum , never ever .


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Sawed Off Plaubel Peco Jr 100mm F2.9 Suprocomar F4.5 Nex C3 Digital Back by Nokton48, on Flickr

Looks very sharp, a bit flary (like my Orthometars too, I kind of like that). Lovely Bokeh shot at F4.5 to increase DOF a bit and lens shpuld be better one stop down. Very pleasant rendition. Plaubel Peco Junior Mini-Me View Camera, with Sony Nex-C3 Digital Back homemade by me. 1/160 sec not bad with a 100mm lens. I bought this recently from the Ukraine, I'll be shooting with it this season I'm sure. Should be good with Ortho and Pan B&W too. Camera was handheld.

100mm F3.9 Supracomar Plaubel Peco Junior Sawed Off Baggy Bellows by Nokton48, on Flickr

The 100mm F3.9 Plaubel Supracomar arrived from the Ukraine. The lens glass is clean and unmarked, the shutter is good and right on. It's got a patina but I like that :) Shown on my "Sawed-Off" Plaubel Peco Junior, with Peco Bag Bellows and Makina Style Back, with wonderful swiveling rear. I can see the entire screen with clarity and brightness. Love it. The Supracomar is focused at about three meters, so close-up. Leica-like quality from Peco Jr adds to my enjoyment. The view is very sharp, contrasty (not flary like the Anticomars), with a "plastic" like rendition really pleasing. I think the lens was calculated to cover 9x12cm, so I am only using the sweet smaller center of the optic. FANTASTIC rendition, love it. This will get some good use if spring ever gets here. Small enough to be used handheld, and I do have a digital back for this camera. Hmmm