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Fun with the Hasselblad 907x

I'm aware of that ... I had the opportunity to try my CFVII 50c on my friend's SWC a couple of weekends ago. I didn't find it to be that difficult to see through the viewfinder, it worked pretty well.

I snapped a photos of him with the SWC and he snapped a few photos of me. They were on his memory card, so he sent me the exposures.

Richard - Byxbee Park 2020

Godfrey - Byxbee Park 2020

The CFVII 50c performs well on the SWC, but after all is said an done, with the 33x44 format, the fabulous super wide Biogon 38mm isn't that much wider than the XCD 45P and they perform about on par. It is fun to see that even the SWC works so nicely with the CFVII 50c. :D

wish there were more samples of the 907x w/ the swc


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Really enjoying the 907x + 45p
I am kind of torn on next purchase.. 28p, 38V, 55V? Or go for fun and a 500 series or 903swc and go to digital back mode.. decisions decisions
Interestingly the 38V prices similarly to a 903swc lately
Nice photos!

I had a very nice SWC/M ... I sold it to help buy the 907x plus lenses. IMO, if you already have the 45P or 38V lens, there's little point to buying an SWC because the smaller format cuts the FoV down too much for the SWC to show the Biogon 38mm lens's magic. You need a 21-22mm lens to approach the same imaging character on the CFV back's sensor format, and the Biogon 38mm is not the best lens design for digital capture (again, IMO). I figured that if I was going to keep the SWC, I'd be using it on 6x6 film where it shines.

Good luck whatever you decide upon. :D



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I also had an SWC that I purchased new in 1998 and rarely used. I shot it occasionally years ago with a P45 and the files were somewhat disappointing even at that resolution. Sold it with no regrets as there are better wide options these days.

Victor B.


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Take a look at the 30 - it really is a strong lens, sharp to edges, although a bit larger than the others you are looking at.


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I happened upon a used 28p (as I suspected would happen with the 25v release) so will see how I like it when it arrives later this week!


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That 28P is an appealing lens for its size and handy-ness!

I really should put the 21 onto the 907x and go for a walk with it ... it's been a while! :D