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Lighting a background with Rotolights


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I have always uses a strobe to light the background in my portrait shots. The situation I have coming up is I am shooting young kids and the Speedlight will be in the way. So, I have 2 Rotolights the Orig. ones and was thinking of using them on a light stand off to the side of the background and angle them to light the background. I have a Painted background . Any suggestions to what I have in mind? thanks


A Speedlight will easily outpower a Rotolight. The original Rotolights aren't that powerfull, only the Neo3 got significant more light output. Don't expect much luminosity from the original ones at, let's say, 1/125 sec shutter speed.



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I do not know how important the faithful colour reproduction to you is, but personally, I would stay away of any LED lights for anything other than quick shots for web. LED lighting gives me a hard time correcting colour, every time. There are strange green or purple spikes, colours that look washed up and I feel like fighting an uphill battle when working on such shots.
Maybe, for your project, the colour accuracy is not important at all, then OK, it should be fine.