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Mac Mini or Studio ?


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Hi Guys,

which one would you recommend for editing 100MP Pictures and Hi Res Analog Scans 6x6 or 4x5" ?

All the best Michael


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They’re very much the same machines on a continuum. You get more ports when you go studio, but price and performance are just functions of processors and storage. (I actually did the regression.)

I do 100MP+ editing on an M1 MacBook Pro with 64GB RAM and it is plenty fast enough. If I did large focus stacks or video, I'd want more.

So pick a budget and get whichever spec machine fits it.



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I picked up an M2 Studio Max with 64gig of ram -and a mac monitor nice combo - works well. Never overheats makes no noise - lots of inbuilt ports etc. I like it.


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I was on a 2013 iMac editing iq3 100mp files no problem. It bogged down with other large files (I'm not super technical so forgive me if this is mistaken, but Capture One seems extremely efficient when editing phase one files! It was only when I was trying to crunch through other camera files that it slowed down). The iMac finally got too old to keep up with all the software updates that constantly come through, and I got a Mac Studio (M1 Ultra) with 64gb memory. It's like a hypersonic jet compared to my iMac : ) Very happy with the Mac Studio and I agree with above commenters that having a LOT of ports is very useful. Plus, you can get very good monitors for pretty darn cheap if you don't want to go the apple monitor route.


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I just traded in the Mac Studio M1 chip for the Mac Studio M2 chip version…the M2 is 50% faster than the M1



It depends highly on what software you use to edit those scans. On Youtube you can find relevant insights on performance differences Mac Mini vs Mac Studio with specific software. Look for 'Artisright', then for 'Mac mini M2 PRO vs M2 vs M1 vs Mac Studio'.



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The Mac mini with M2 supports more RAM than the M1 did. At that point you're in M1 Mac Studio territory, and handling 100mb raw files in C1 is fine.