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New Member cannot send PM?

I believe my account is from 2013, but I didn't login for a long time. When I login recently, I notice it becomes a new member and I cannot PM people. I wonder for what reason I cannot send PM, is there a way to fix it?

When I click on member's username, I can only see follow and ignore options, there is no PM option


Well-known member
Now click on the name "drevil" next to the avatar and see if the page that comes up then has the option "start a conversation" for you

Rick M

New member
I am having the same issue as espelancer.
Clicking on the person's name does not give me an option to "start a conversation".
I have checked settings in my account and can't find an issue there either.


New member
Same here...was trying to send Rick a message but it's not possible. I'm technically not even a new member but my old login doesn't work anymore and the option to send password didn't send me anything so I had to create a new account.


Active member
Same here. For me, I don't see option of "Start conversation". I had hard time getting registration email sent to account. I'd to reach out to Steve Hendricks who was kind enough to get in touch with admins and i got this access.
There is even thread on dpreview for this


New member
Also not seeing this option. Would also like to call attention to post #9 as well as this thread regarding email registrations and password resets:



New member
I will tag on as an affected new member. I never received the registration email, and contacted a site admin from the “contact us” web form at the bottom of the page.

they were able to activate my account, but I still lack privliges to initiate a direct message.

I am Aware that some forum software have a way to regulate members, restricting from certain areas or activities like direct messaging until a user has met certain criteria, like making a minimum number of posts, or paying a fee to access a privileged area,…. So maybe there is a checkbox somewhere in the admin panel that is being defaulted when a site admin has to assist with authorizing a new account?


New member
And now, I have the much sought after "Start conversation" button. I don't know if an admin flipped a switch, or if it was a time based delay. But I haven't made any new posts between the last time I checked and lacked the button, and just now when I checked and I have it. It has been 14 days since my account was activated.. so.. maybe that is the threshold?