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SOLD SOLD : Hasselblad 0.8 XH Converter US$600


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We LOVE this unit and would NEVER own an X body w/o one, but we're continuing to part-out our X kit as me migrate to Sony A1. One day we'll reacquire a small Hassy kit, but the current demands of our work require differently. Such is life. We've owned GFX-H adapters among others, and now the non-optical XH and always regarded optical adapters as suspect, but the 0.8XH proved us very, very wrong. Bloody brilliant and is now our default adapter.

The 0.8XH Improves sharpness (making MF easier), especially outside centre, cuts CA, improves minimum f-stop by 2/3rds a stop and widens the effective FoV to what you'd see on the larger-sensor 60CCD or 100CMOS sensor. Full EXIF, use with the HTS 1.5, etc., as with the non-optical XH. Own both XH adapters and each lens 'becomes two'.

Unit is mint save one tiny beauty mark in finish near the release button, glass clean and works perfectly with zero issues. Comes with caps, no box and, as from factory, no tripod collar. A tripod collar (shared with the non-optical XH adapter) is available for an additional CDN$205.

Price is US$600 plus fees if any and shipping at cost based on Canada Post online estimate.

Payment by EMT (if in Canada) or PP (add 3%). If outside Canada, PP (add 4%)

Potential Trades
If you have Sony Alpha gear you'd wish to use as parts trade, let me know (e.g. 20/1.8GM, CV 35/2 APO, CV50/2 APO, CV110/2.5 APO, 135/1.8 GM or batteries). Note - if from outside Canada, trades will be subject to 15% VAT at the border and that will be a consideration for us.

Further X kit to follow


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