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Which Zoom Lens for D810


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I want a zoom that I can use wide to portrait size. Would you recommend the Nikon 24-120 F4 VR? If not what can you recommend. Skin tones are important to me and overall IQ
I shoot F5.6-8 Never Wide open. TY I shoot with strobes
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My expensive choice would be the Leica R 28-90. The old R glass is something to behold. Only two drawbacks are price and no AF
I had the 28-90 on an R8 with a digital back until Leica stopped supporting that system and did some very satisfactory work with it.


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I remember the F 24-120 to be rather unsharp at the long end
If you just could step up to an ordinary Z7 camera you would have two ok splendid lenses
the Z 24-120, but busy bokeh.
but perhaps better the handy and light Z 24-200, which is not that bad at all, even though not razor sharp at the long end