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Barry Haines
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  • Hi K-H, sorry for very late response as I haven't logged in awhile :-(
    Just wanted to wish you and your family a very merry xmas my friend and many thanks for all your support and kind words :)
    Cheers Barry
    Just a quick thanks for the heads up on the WhiBal card. I have it and it's been so useful, particularly for the Leica M :)

    Thanks again Thorkil for taking time out and for the listed exercises, all good stuff my friend, most appreciated :)
    In the winter months it would be true to say that I am far less active than I am in the summer months, that is also when I mostly suffer back pains, mainly because of the weather here in Cornwall can be pretty grim at times!

    I still try to do a fair amount of walking each day, so I may have given out the wrong impression, daily exercise is good for us all I am a strong believer in that.
    But when I do put my back out I have found that resting up in bed seems to work the best for me, rather than try and walk through the pain which I have tried before in the past and it only made matters worse!...I need muscle relaxants, otherwise I get continuous muscle spasms and cramps. It may very well had been different had I had acupuncture first though.
    I will try your exercises when I am feeling up to it...Thanks again for everything - Cheers Barry
    part two:
    I have tried to get out of seriously "lumbago" by driving out to a lake where I could "walk"/crawling without anybody seeing it, almost crawling, after 20 minutes pushing myself ahead, despite pains, I could slowly raise myself upright while walking (just continue 20 min.). The next days it slowly got better and better, by walking.
    One of the rescue cures is laying on the floor, at your stomach and then raise your upper body up on your elbows, and stay there for a while and do it several times...and then later on stretching your arms, hands in the floor, straight arms, and legs and hips in the floor, and while laying flat, lifting your right leg 10 times in the air, then the left. Good exercise for the Ischia’s nerves from the back down the legs. Also staying with your back against a high kitchen table, bending your backwards to look at the ceiling and further backwards, that can also cure small, in Danish, diskusprolaps = herniations? I hope it will help…best Thorkil
    part 1:
    Yes Barry, give the acupuncture a try, while it’s difficult to get out of the veil circle.
    But I'm sure staying in bed in 14 days will only means further trouble...
    I have only tried this acupuncture once, and was "walking" or almost crawling into her house, lay down with some needles in about 20 min. or so, and I walked out upright and suddenly in a good shape. It’s about 15 years ago, and after that time I have at least walked as minimum 3 times a week for about 35-60 min. And before my leg surgery I almost walked every day, when we get elder the need for walking increases I think, because our body becomes more and more lazy, and that’s dangerous, so walking might just become a much needed compensations for all that exercise our body actually would need to keep up pace.
    best Thorkil
    Hi Barry, allow me to give you a simple advice about backpains, while I have been strugling with this almost all my life. One day I couln't even crawl out of the bed, the car etc. but after some very effective acupunckture threatment by a chinese skilled doctor, I decided to give walking a try. So my advice is simple:
    Try to do min. 30 min.'s walk everyday in a pace so that constantly you are forcing yourself just a little bit. Slowly increasing this to 40 perhaps 50 min. walk everyday (and no stopping for photos while you do this...:) ).....
    then you will increase your life, as a sideshow too, and do your back good.... :)
    Hi Barry, sorry i didn't get any message that I know of your message.
    Buy the adapter first so you can check if the lens is oké.
    Most of those lenses are in good condition because in fact they are not that old.
    Search on the German Ebay as well because often the are not listed internationally and it saves you the hassle with customs and time.

    All the best, Michiel
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