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  • Hi Dan,

    First i want to say i am very impressed and inspired by your work.

    I have found a good deal on a very lightly used FPS - so going ahead to buy it. I want to mate Hasselblad lenses to the FPS.

    Can you tell me a bit more about which Hassy lenses work well on the FPS please? I am trying to put together a shopping list for Hassy lenses to buy.

    Many thanks for your help and guidance.


    Mark Young
    Hello Dan
    Nice to meet you. And really great shots, I am new to MF, been shooting with the Phase / Mamiya, BUT I just order a Tech camera and two lens, 40 and 70mm, very very excited to get them. Again your shots are inspirational.
    You mention you would sent the framing file – if you would kindly do so, my email is [email protected]
    I also have a question; do you use a viewfinder with mask for framing?
    Hello Thierry,

    I am truly thankful for yours (and ofcourse Thomas) appreciation of my compositions. It is always very inspiring to recieve such encouragement from people that are so deep into photography and knowledgeable.

    I too have been very busy lately, but unfortunately in other areas than photogrpahy. On top, the latest 4 commercial assignments in photography has been of such character that I am prohibited to show.

    However, I do have plenty of 'Alpa-images' from last half year, I can ofcourse pick out some that might be suitable. It will take a little while though because tomorrow the family is going on the yearly skiing trip. I will be back in two weeks.

    I will try and make a nice and 'compact' bioagraphy and pick out images that stand out for your gallery. I'll be back with this and do thank you for your appreciation :)

    all the best to you,
    Dear Dan,

    How are you doing?

    I wanted to come to you since a while, but didn't find the time yet. It is about your photography in general, which I find to be very inspiring in all aspects. I have been following all your image posts and each time amazed by the simple beauty of each one posted.

    I have spoken about your work with Thomas Weber, the owner of Alpa and who you know. We would like to invite you, if you find any interest for you in this, to post some of your images in our Alpa Gallery. We would be pleased if you did so.

    In case you would be interested, I kindly invite you to check out the 2 following links giving you all details on how to proceed:

    Please have some thoughts about it and come back to me for any question you may have.

    Thanks and best regards
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