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  • Hello Graham

    I will visit the ALPA people on Thursday to have a detaied look at the ALPA 12 FPS .
    I will not order that exciting tool .
    The cost is probabely far above of what I can afford and in the momemt , I don't see how I really could use it .
    But . . . . . I will pick up my ALPA 12 TC with rosewood handle .

    Is there any question I should address to the ALPA people ? ? ?
    Just let me know .

    Best regards . Jürgen .
    Hi Graham,
    I noticed you use an arca cube. Would you mind sharing what locking mechanism your cube came with and what rails you use on your STC for the cube, assuming they are different for shift andc rise/fall?
    Thanks very much,
    Hello Graham,

    I saw your "Bodie - Car and Full Moon with Clouds" image, excellent image, I was impress with the color an fact that it was shot at night. I wanted to know if you use the in camera Long Exposure Noise reduction at all. You might know if it works in Raw.
    Thank you.

    I have a modified Cokin X-pro adapter that will work with the Phase or Mamiya 28mm and should keep out all light leaking on the sides of the petal. I no longer have the 28mm but for some reason kept the rig thinking I might need it later on. If you are interesting in trying it out let me know. I can ship it to you and feel free to use it till your project is done. You can mount up to 2 of the Cokin filters at one time. I can't remember if the lee big stopper comes in the same size or not, but it should be a pretty easy to cut it down to fit as it's resin. I used this rig for about 3 years until I sold the lens and it works well, just takes a bit of getting used to.

    If you would like to use it just let me know.

    Paul Caldwell
    [email protected]
    Little Rock AR

    We exchanged a couple PMs earlier regarding iPhone holder. I am in process of doing some technical analysis on Tech Camera (Arca Swiss and Alpa) to develop an App for iPhone. I have Arca-Swiss RM3Di with three SK Digitar lenses but I lack the access to Alpa system. I understand that you have an Alpa body from your posts and my question is related to its Tilt-Swing adapter. If you do own one, I would like to have some product specification if you don't mind sharing with me.


    Jae Moon
    thanks Graham,
    that's good to know. do you use the lens for stitching too. how are the borders of the image circle?
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