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Guy Mancuso
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  • Good morning Guy. I'm am looking for info on the A7r with an IR filter. I have looked in the Fun with thread and haven't seen any mentioned yet(there are quite a few pages). I also did a search to no avail.
    o if you have any experience or opinion or a link with something like an R72 I could use it. Looking for images like I get from my M8.2.
    Thanks Lynn
    Good Morning Guy; I need some advice on posting pics to the tech cam images forum thread. I just posted one and its looks small on the page. Others have nice large images with white borders.... how is that accomplished?? Sorry for the neophyte question. The upload window has overwhelmed my remaining functioning neurons! :) Thanks for any help....
    Hi Guy,

    I just tried to post a message, but get a message saying I don't have permission. Any idea why?



    Guy..... how to I upload an image that is not constrained to the 'thumbnail box' and size constrained. Links don't work nor do direct uploads. Others have figured this out but not me. Can you help?

    Hi Guy,

    I remember from few years back when we were both of us on the Leica Forum fighting with our M8 failures LOL.
    Happy to see you here running this great site.


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