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  • Hi Jono,

    Just wanted to say your impressions on the Q were an outstanding read. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with this fine new camera since December '14.

    While the camera is bristling with goodies (the lens, ergonomics, size, sensor, etc.) what I find most fascinating is the crop feature for 35mm. In essence you get a digital EVF that's capable of providing a 'rangefinder' view in that in this mode it provides a viewing area that's wider than the actual image capture (in jpg of course but not RAW/DNG) making it possible to 'anticipate' others coming into frame as one would with a rangefinder and its frame lines. (The 50 even more so!) And if I understand things correctly, the resulting 15-20 million or so pixels in use will allow some fairly sizable enlargements probably similar to what either a Fuji X100T, Canon 6D or even an M9 might offer. VERY cool!

    For the first time in long time I have come down with a bad case of GAS.


    Jono, what are you going to do about Aperture? Use it as long as the OS supports it? Or, switch to what?
    Hi Jono
    The Charity is the Big C and Norfolk bases Cancer Charity. I often come and stay with mu Aunt in Somerleyton and Last year had a big exhibition there (may still be up this year) covering the Somerleyton Estate and the Crossley family having been there for 150 years
    best David
    Hi Jono
    Thanks for taking the time to explain this. I'm glad to see this has already been raised seriously with Leica. It really is a horrible oversight. I won't mention anything.
    BTW a few of us met up early in August to do a Leica walk along the South Bank. It included Marc Hartog of Aptitude Media (own the BJP), Stephen Bartels who runs the Leica Gallery, Eddie Ephraums (journalist and book packager). It was so successful that we set up a FB group called The Leica Meet, already at 50+ members. We are currently planning another Meet probably for October. Liz Roberts of B&W mag will be there too, time permitting.
    I know you're very expert in all things Leica. Would you like me to send you an invite to join the group? If you are already too busy with social media I quite understand but I thought you may wish to participate. `please let me know.
    Olaf Willoughby creative explorations in photography
    Hi, Jono...

    Been quite busy lately but it appears that RFF is cannibalizing itself with this thread and other actions:

    I have all but given up on them earlier anyway. A shame as I am trying to start some kind of "scholarship of sorts" for aspiring photographers. Part of my ambitions for being a Fellow in The Royal Society of Arts (RSA).

    Anyway, maybe I will hang out a bit on GetDPI...not happy with those bashers either especially after the Leica X Vario debacle. But, we'll see...

    Hope all is well with you and yours!
    Hi Jono,
    sorry for last long frustrated message. I feel better now ;)

    I also talked directly to Leica about my wrong calibrated Summiluxes (24,35 and 50) and they even will pick up the whole equipment at my place for a quick calibration. Wow-if you talk to the right people things are so much easier and fast. I am full of hope that they get it correct this time.
    Bad for the K5 if my M9 comes back with good working f1.4 lenses ;)
    Just kidding-for some reason I just cant say goodbuy to the K5.
    Hah - of course, that's why I'm so pleased that you've overtaken me . . . I was just getting to the point where I might have to fire myself! (or worse than that, Silas might have felt impelled to do it for me!).
    Honored to be your friend, Jono. Thank you. :salute:

    Third position? I had no idea. I guess what this really means is that I need to get a life! Don't tell my boss I spend this much time at GetDPI. I'd have to fire myself!:ROTFL:
    Hi Jono,

    Are you using Aperture now with your Sony a55 & if so, are the results better than the out of camera jpegs? Most importantly, how is the color in Aoerture v the OOC color?
    Hi Jono,

    I don't mean to be nosy, but I saw your name and wondered if you were the same Jono Slack from the UK who used to inhabit the Oly E-10 forum about ten years ago. I remember that you were one of the sensible ones back then!

    Regards, Jim
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