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  • Tell me, have you given up with film and sold your Imacon ? You seem very busy with digital.

    I recently purchased Leitz Focomat IIc and Leitz V35 enlargers, plus wash tank etc, but I think it was a mistake. I'm awaiting the release of the Hasselblad CFV III 100C, which I'm told is coming in September. Good to hear from you, thanks.
    Hi Uwe, Ive never been comfortable on this Forum. I fell out with Guy Mancuso on the Leica forum before he started GetDPI. I have posted pictures here in the past, but not many. I am still infatuated with photography and quite busy taking photos, but I'm not travelling anywhere. I want to start again soon, like next week. Carol hasn't been well and that's just an excuse for me.
    ... I still have my Imacon, but it really needs a service!
    I've been concentrating on digital work at the moment, especially monochrome cameras from Leica and Phase-One.
    I bought both cameras second-hand.

    I enjoy the 246 from Leica - work makes the back from Phase-One : ).

    The satisfaction that my best analogue work gave me, my best digital work does not give me.
    And bad things are bad digitally and analogue.
    But at the moment I feel that the effort involved in shooting analogue,
    is not appropriate for my level of photography.

    Photography still gives me pleasure, but I want to do it with less effort.
    I think it is great that we have crossed paths again Gary.

    Hope Carol is feeling better soon.

    Best regards

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