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  • I am a giclée maker, and my primary responsibility to the artist is to match the color of a known art piece. To make my business profitable, it is helpful to move as quickly to an exact color match as possible. In pursuit of this end, I have been investigating the utility of a tool that I current utilize, but imagine could be used still further with the effect of speeding up my workflow.

    The GreTag MacBeth Color Checker, publishes for each of the squares that make up the GT CC luminance and color value stated in the LAB Mode.

    Since it is part of my practice to utilize the CC to set the exposure and to neutralize the possibility of color casts, utilizing the GT CC, the card is included in every job as a reference.

    I am looking to learn if anyone has worked out a way to use COLOR BALANCE or CURVES adjustment layers to match the Lab values to those found in a photo of the GT CC. If I were able to develop a workflow that would consistently provide very close matching, it seems that would speed up my workflow.

    If anyone wishes to offer color matching suggestions that are not directly in response to the question that I have posed please feel free to jump in.

    Thanks in advance,

    Jerry Reed
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