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3 or 4 day photo trip starting from Houston USA


Active member

I will be in Houston from the 17th to the 23rd October and want to stop over for 3 or 4 days to get in some photography. I am initially thinking Cuba but wondered if any of our American friends or anybody really have any other ideas..............I enjoy street and Landscape photography.
I just looked online and cant find flights out of Houston to Cuba I guess due to the embargo...........
Anyway I also looked at Yosemite national park but that's a 4 hour flight plus a 4 hour drive and accommodation in the park is frigging expensive, so really needing some local knowledge on what and how to shoot that park (for those that know me I like to drive shoot drive shoot again).

3 years ago I went to New Orleans after a similar trip and had a fantastic time there but I have done that now so want to try somewhere else.

Another idea seeing as I don't mind driving is to rent a car in Houston and drive shot drive shoot and drive some more maybe someone can recommend a 4 day round trip with photography in mind

As always any tips or advice will be much appreciated


New member
3-4 day photography event is addition to an fun activity along with polishing skills.All the people of USA looking to participate in such events being organised at USA can take help of Juztevent.I personally love to participate in such events and would love to see geat number of participation from people across globe.


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You should look into New Mexico not to far and the temperatures right now are mild. Fall colors just starting up north though in the Rockies if I had three days to shoot that’s were I’d be going.