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A curfew photo...


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As some here will know, the majority of my photography is done late at night / early in the morning. Being the contrarian that I am, the urge to photograph tonight became overwhelming in light of the 8:00 am to 5:00 am statewide curfew imposed this afternoon by Arizona's Governor and continuing through June 8th. Grrr...

I thought I had figured a legal way to work around this -- I am a paralegal, after all ... lol -- until I checked the Executive Order's actual wording and was surprised to learn it includes any parts of private property that are "accessible to the general public," including but not limited to driveways and sidewalks. So much for that idea, then...

But my backyard was still fair game, so I grabbed the nearest camera / tripod combo and Miss Abby and I headed outside through the sliding door in the family room, where I took this infrared photo from the patio, looking directly to the west.

Unfortunately, in my haste, I forgot to install an IR filter on the lens, which means the camera's sensor is capturing both visible and infrared light. Hence the slight lack of sharpness typical of my photos, because the various frequencies of light focus at different points and focusing the lens becomes a compromise that results in the focus varying depending on the light source illuminating that part of the composition as well as its distance from the lens.

(Alas, the replacement power supply for my photography computer failed to arrive today, so I minimally processed this photo using an older version of Photoshop I found installed on the old notebook computer -- complete with a whopping 2 GB of RAM! -- that I pressed into service to get me through this past week.)

If you're likewise a nighttime photographer, feel free to post any photos you've taken while subject to a curfew to this thread, because the more, the merrier. :D